Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brady's Walk 2009!

Sunday, April 26... same place, DW Fields Park, Brockton. Time will probably be 1 pm - I just need to coordinate with my partner in crime! More details to follow~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in the saddle again

It's been a whirlwind since coming home from the hospital. Brady has taken off like a rocket and I am amazed at how different he is.

When we came home from the hospital that Tuesday night he was off crawling around, cruising... I had to call the nurse's station to make sure it was okay. They said whatever he was doing himself was fine, he wouldn't push himself to get hurt -- but I was amazed at this kid and his obvious forgetfulness over having open heart surgery just a week earlier. And he didn't slow down. His energy level was one thing --quickly crawling around, cruising more, jumping in bed every morning when I walked in to get him up-- but the other was his intent. Now you can see he has his eye on something and is going for it. Two minutes out of my eyesight the other day got him three-quarters up the basement stairs. Not moving the dog food bowl quick enough gets the food spread out all over the kitchen floor. Little, typical things that every two-year-old does that Brady is finally doing at three.

Being feisty has been a real interesting aspect as well. His squirming and quickness made it especially hard to pick him up, especially since I couldn't pick him up under his arms until two days ago. We started back at school last week, where they noticed an instant improvement. They were happy to report how opinionated he has become - a sure sign of development. Of course, that excitement will probably begin to wane and we'll have to start some behavior modification, I am sure!

Health-wise, Brady only lost a few ounces, which was amazing. His eating has improved. His recovery with his incision was remarkably quick. He has a different look on his face, he smiles more easily and readily. It actually frustrates me in one aspect, because I am wondering how he felt before the surgery -- he has a more relaxed look about him now. I have never been so aggravated over his non-ability to converse with me. What I wouldn't give for just a simple, "I feel great, mom!"
(You'll note in these pictures Brady is actually doing SOMETHING... very little laying around now... he's outta here!!)