Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer days 2009

It seems like we have a new child who lives with us. Who would have thought that a little open heart surgery would bring out this energetic, seemingly understanding our words, jokester. But it has happened - every day we are marvelled at Brady's new found freedom on getting about the house, eating more and interesting foods, and cracking himself and us over little sideways looks and get-away tactics. And that is what, in a nutshell, we've been doing this summer.

Summer at the preschool was fabulous - Brady bonded with everyone, but most especially with the director's son who took it upon himself to be Brady's best buddy as his teacher. Every morning there would be water play before the kids would move inside for snack, but outside was definitely Brady's favorite time. A water-baby he certainly is, as has been tested all this week since we've been on vacation in Maine. Even now, we are heading out to the beach and water park, which is only a concrete slab of spritzers and sprayers, but where we spent over an hour as Brady led us around from one spray to the next, dousing his head under the showers.

Yes, led us - we are working more and more actively on walking --holding two hands, holding one hand-- as he tries to balance himself. His biggest obstacle is that he is trying to walk so quickly he is off-kilter and looks like a drunk at two in the morning. Using the walker he zooms by so fast he doesn't have to worry about that. But now, although he realizes how advantageous it is to walk unassisted, he is realizing he might have to slow down. Even though the boy doesn't talk, be assured I know he is none to pleased about that.

We are excited to be starting school in another week. Brady will be going four long days AND take the bus... oh my! We're even more excited that his WS friend Lucien will be in his class - how can we get any luckier than that?? We have always been blessed to have so many friends in the area, including his friends Coleman and Clare only a hop-skip-and-a-jump away, but to actually have them go to school together will be terrific.

The little man is climbing on the back of the couch to the air conditioner right now... time to get going to the beach....