Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to School

Back to school time... and we've got a brand new schedule here. Brady is going every day but Wednesday, full days, plus taking the bus! We're only on Week Two of this, but it has been a huge blessing. They also plan on phasing in Wednesday mornings and eventually bringing him in all day Wednesday by the end of the year. He only has one more year of preschool after this one, then he will be moving on to kindergarten.
Brady spends half the day in the classroom, the other half in the Learning Center, where they work on ABA type therapies and other therapies needed for his development. He is doing fabulous, not being completely wiped out all day, but coming home eating huge amounts of snacks and crashing by 8.
The school has noticed huge strides in his abilities. I see it everyday, just in his interest level and his thirst for being on the move, climbing, exploring... who knew how bored he was before??
We went to an Augmentative Communication Clinic last week -- this is our third time going and I love the info we receive there. They try different modes of communication, from pictures to switches to computer programs. I get a very detailed recommendation packet from them upon which I will go over with the preschool. Some of the items -- switches PEC system -- the school already uses. They are very excited to hear about the suggestions and always find ways to incorporate them into his schooling.