Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brady's Walk 2007

A few months ago, another WS mom and fellow blogger Nancy posted she was getting ready to participate in Sophie's Run, an event to help the future needs of a WS child and to raise awareness about the syndrome.

A friend of mine, who also reads Nancy's blog, suggested we take our two little rugrats for a walk on the same day that Sophie's Run was scheduled, to participate "in spirit" since we couldn't make it to Oregon for the real thing. Well, that conversation lead to another about a few friends walking with us, to another which was "my husband will pay me to leave the house to walk", to another... well, long story short, we had 28 people and four babies in strollers walk 5K at a nearby park. So far, we have raised over $1,400 and the donations keep coming in! The money this year will go to the Williams Syndrome Association.

We had a glorious day -worries of rain disappeared as the sun came out and walkers began shedding their sweatshirts and jackets. We had kids on foot, bicycle and scooter, and many with big blue balloons attached to their handlebars and strollers. The path we took hugged a pond with glorious scenery. After the trek we headed to Angela's house for our "after party" and feasted. It was a beautiful day.

I can't begin to explain how touched I am that friends and family -- and friends of friends of friends! -- took the time out to help us with their support. There were nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, grandparents, friends and co-workers who walked and/or donated. Everyone has been extremely generous and kind and helped out in some way. Thanks to Denise for designing the shirt logo and to Angela's family for allowing us to have our "after party" at their beautiful home. And to Angela, a special thank you since this event would not have happened without her prodding, help and commitment. No wonder Brady is named after you! ;) LOL

During the Walk, I marvelled in the support that Brady had in just our little section of the world... the lives he has touched. (Our youngest walker not in a stroller was six, our oldest was 70.) I also had with me the thoughts of our other WS friends. In the video, you'll see Erik's red bracelet on my wrist as well. I realized I would never be in this WS challenge alone - I had people walking with me to show their support, people donating to help out, and people I turn to across this planet for help as well; hopefully they realize I am there for them as well.

I am so thankful for everyone.. and as I sit here and write this Brady is next to me and smiling, as if he knows what everyone has done for him. Rascal Flatts has said it best, "More then anything, My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it."

P.S. This is my debut as a movie maker... so I know I will make a better one next time! Thanks, Nance, for your help!


Kathleen said...

Awesome job on the movie - the song was perfect! I was bummed that I couldn't actually walk, but happy to send my family! Next year, the little guy and I will be there with bells on!

Nancy said...

We love you and are so proud of you.

Brian, Nancy, & Erik

Nicole said...

Kerry, that is amazing!!! You made me cry first thing in the morning. Actually, I heard the first couple notes of the song and started tearing up. What is it about music, ugh!! What awesome family and friends you have!!

Every minute counts.... said...

I am so proud of you! Wow, I love the idea of walking at the same time as Sophie's run. Maybe we will have to join in here next year!!

I am so jealous that you figured out how to add music to your slide show before me. I guess I need to talk to Nancy!!
That song was one of the one's that we played all the time while Abi was in the hospital. It is such a well written song and I love it. Also love "stand" by Lonestar....if you haven't heard that one listen to it.

Aspen said...

I am absolutely bawling now. I LOVE it and wish I would have thought of it myself. Or at least participated. Just amazing!

Nancy said...

P.S. How do I get a shirt?

Teresa & Shawn said...

You're an awesome movie maker! Keep it up!

If I hadn't been birthing my baby, I would have been walking there with you, Kerry. PLEASE let us know when you walk next year because we definitely want to come down and walk with you. Maybe Clare and Brady will even be walking themselves by then!!!





Lisa R said...

I can not wait to go home and check out hte video...no feed at wk anymore :( that is so cool about the walk... I am doing something next yr.

Lisa R said...

I love the Video it is great!!!!! I want that song on my IPOD

BTW- PJ came through surgery great ;)

Amy K said...

Ok my keyboard is smattered with tears. That is just so inspiring!

Ange said...

It has taken me a few days to be able to post a comment - every time I watch your (fabulous) movie, I bawl!
I am very honored to have walked with you, Tom and the Bradster. Sometimes I feel very helpless watching you all go through your daily trials and tribulations and it (selfishly) felt good to walk with you all.
I can't wait for next year's walk. I have a feeling Brady will walk along side us!

Rosemarie said...

Hi Kerry! I'm here by way of Nancy's link from her blog.

First, I love your name. My youngest sister has the same. ;)

It's awesome when community comes together for a worthy cause and to support one another.

Cheers to you and the group for starting an awesome tradition in Boston!

Voice on Miscellaneous Matters

Rosemarie said...

PS Great job on the video and the song is perfect! It’s one of my favorites.

Kerry said...

Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments and support! It means so much to me to have you all here :)

Anonymous said...

It is strange for me to see you at the start of your journey with Brady. With my inlaws who have a mentally handicapped daughter and two very close friends having handicap children, all of various degrees, I have seen before what you are starting to encounter.
I have seen more in the older years, the challenges that familys face, with schools, peers, sibling issues, parents needless guilt.
All I can say is Brady couldn't have been luckier to have you as a mom Kerry, and not ending there his whole family and vast friends to love him. He will have the best life, and every life he touches will be blessed just to know him. Yes it will not be an easy road all the time, but I have never known the truly good things in life to come easy.
Okay I am done - do love you all -