Sunday, July 29, 2007

We're home!

Coming home from vacation and reading up on everyone's blogs has left me .... EXHAUSTED! I had decided to read up on everyone and then post myself, but maybe I should have done it the other way around! :)

(Above is Brady getting his first Lil' Webkinz - a hippo we named Seymour after seeing Little Shoppe of Horrors our last night at Sebago.)

We just got home from our vacation - we went to the Point Sebago resort in Maine for a week. It was heavenly! We brought our nephew, Adam, who is the same age as Michael, so they ran off and did their own thing all week. The resort is packed with activities - 9 am Kickball, 10 am Dodgeball, 11 Flag Football; Arts and Crafts, plus the beach, arcade, riding bikes around and kids galore. The people running the activities were young students, maybe college/high school age, some foreign exchange students. The kids loved them - they were energetic and fun to be with. I would highly recommend the site for anyone with kids. Plus they had adult activities too; comedy shows, cruises for all, golf, etc. The week was relaxing and fun... just what we needed!

Now, Tom and I are those people who go on vacation and get sucked in to "taking a real estate tour". In Aruba we did the tour and got a free Jeep rental; went to the Cape and got a free dinner; here we just loved it all so much we checked out what resort cottages were for sale. Pretty good deals, plus the golf cart to ride around in to boot... if we had a little change in our pocket we would seriously consider it. Tom skis, so we would take advantage of winter months; Tom and the men and some women in our family golf, and they have an 18-hole golf course; the activities they have for the kids is fabulous; the area is so self contained and secure I would feel comfortable with Brady there as he got older.

That was one key element that Tom and I mulled over: Tom mentioned the security and since Brady would basically grow up there over the summer years, he might be able to work there in some capacity as he got older. When he said that out loud, I suddenly realized what adjustments we would be making in our lives. I always knew that the future is uncertain in terms of Brady's living and working arrangements, but that is so far off in the future, I don't really think about that. (I am concentrating on him walking and talking first! :) ) But it occurred to me, how interesting that although everyone changes their lives for their children, the differences Tom and I need to make in our lives is completely different from other people we know. For example, Brady has a heart condition - do you notice how many signs say "Do not ride if you have a heart condition"? Does that mean we don't go on a vacation to an amusement park when he's older because how unfair is that - look, but don't ride!

Tom mentioning that having a safe haven for Brady would be ideal just kicked it in a bit. I tend not to worry too much about what *will* or *could* happen in the future, because it is all so uncertain anyway, and, like I said before, how can I think about that stuff when I am trying to help him learn to hold his bottle and crawl? You can always worry about the future - but when the present has so much going on, who has time for that? It's also so easy to think of the worst, and I don't have time in my life to depress myself about Brady's far-away future. I can only cross each bridge that I come to... I am not looking into finding bridges to cross, or worrying about the next bridge.

(Above right picture - Brady's famous lip. Am I embarrassing him, do you think? LOL)


Amy said...

He is so friggin adorable! The future, sigh, it is great though that you guys are thinking postively about how to make a difficult situation into a plus, instead of dwelling on what you think Brady will not be able to do. That really buggers me when people do that!

Laura said...

Sounds like you all had a great vacation.
We missed you at the picnic!

Nancy said...


We went to a time share presentation in Hawaii, and I ended up in tears and then at the hotel bar. They were just awful/borderline abusive, and I'll never do it again. The voucher paid for my pina colada, though. I guess there's that.

:) :) :)

Lisa R said...

I love the picture of you and Brady so darn cute...I missed you while you were gone, I am so glad you all had a great trip

Aspen said...

OMG he is precious! I love the pictures. Glad your trip was super!