Sunday, February 03, 2008

Simple Sunday Thanks...

1. I am grateful that Brady has been on an eating and moving surge this week. I am finally feeling like a parent of a two-year-old instead of a newborn who just sits there. We've always been a little boring over here, but now he is not content just hanging around too long without something to do.

2. I am grateful to meet our new friend Lucien, an 18-month old with WS, who lives in our town. He is so adorable and lovable, and we were able to hang with him and his triplet sisters this weekend. I am hoping to get together with his mom often, as she is such a nice NORMAL person LOL (Hopefully she thinks I am!). Lucien is doing great, crawling around like a caterpillar.
3. I am SO grateful we had Music Therapy this week with our friend Coleman. Brady does so well in Music Therapy - you can see his excitement and he seems to have such a great day after. Having Coleman here is also fun, I love for Brady to be able to hang with peers. I know he will get so much input that way. The therapist, Danielle, does such a great job entertaining the boys with her sultry voice and musical instruments. I am SO lucky we found her!
4. In fact, I am grateful for my whole Saturday -- meeting Lucien, playing with Coleman, Grandma and I hung out and had lunch; we had a relaxing day and then Tom and I went to the movies alone (gasp!) and had appetizers after. Brady and Michael were left in the capable babysitter's hands without a worry in our heads. Ahhh....
5. I am grateful we had a great visiting priest this morning at church. We have had some bad times over here... our beloved Pastor has been removed from our parish and there seems to be a dark cloud over everyone's hearts. I know it is for the best, as he is a recovering alcoholic and needs to address that addiction illness -- he can't take care of his congregation if he can't take care of himself. I almost feel guilty being so sad and feeling lost. Father Dennis has such a magnetic personality I worry about who they will replace him with come March. I can only hope and pray that we are able to have someone as blessed as him. But being able to say that I am grateful we had such a good priest today gives me hope that we might find someone wonderful.
6. Last but certainly not least... I am grateful for the PATRIOTS going to the SUPERBOWL tonight! Yahoo - Go Pats!!


Julie said...

Glad you had a good Saturday. Seems like Brady is really moving along. Sorry about your priest. We are actually making some changes here as far as church and it was difficult decision to come to. I will probably blog about it. I really could care who wins the superbowl because I think you have gathered that I am not a true football fan. I am however very excited about all the good food at the party we are going to.:)

Ava Jewel Leilana said...

Kerry I really enjoyed reading about your thanks! It sounds like you all had a good weekend.
I so related to your comment on feeling like a parent of a two year old, I love it when I have those feelings! So glad your handsome man is trucking along :)


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had just a wonderful week! and getting to go to the movies w/hubby is always a treat! And how neat to meet another family with someone so close in Brady's age who also has WS and is in your town!

Ugh, I don't even want to mention the Superbowl, I'm still in shock!