Sunday, May 18, 2008

Counting My Blessings

1) I am very thankful for my mother coming over Wednesday morning just so I could clean my office. I organized, threw away, divided out for a yard sale... ahhh, how refreshing!!

2) I am very blessed for Brady to have such fabulous therapists - we managed to get our first eval meeting now with the preschool for the Fall since they are all such fighters for him. The meeting went really well, and I am somewhat comforted that although we will lose these lovely ladies come his third birthday, he is going to a great school.

3) I am very thankful that I find pleasures in just simple things: finding a good book, finding 15 minutes where I can just sit; clothes that fit; the smell of the flowers as I walk in; getting info for our vacation this summer -yeah!

4) I am very thankful that I know so many fabulous "little people" - my nephew Jack came over this week and made me smile to no end with his"pleeeaaassse"; and a brother to one of Michael's baseball teammates has become my little buddy, helping me with Molly and Brady at the games.

5) I am grateful that Michael is on a baseball team that is fun for him, where the coaches are there for the kids to have a great time without stressing them out (they are 10-2!), where we on the sidelines have a blast rootin' for the kiddos.


Julie said...

Sounds like you have alot to be thankful for.

Nicole said...

For some reason I missed your last post, but I needed to tell you that I am so thrilled for Brady. He is doing great!! I also had to share that I don't mourn WS anymore. It is the road that was chosen for us and I just love that little girl so much that it really doesn't freakin matter! I can't be depressed when she holds my heart in her little hands. WS is just one small piece. It's in my mind always, but no longer in a sad way.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Mr. Brady with us.