Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ode to Love Puppy

On Valentine's Day of Two thousand eight,
I was pleasantly surprised to find my mate.
It wasn't a girl, for that I am sure.
It was a puppy with red and white fur.

For months he hung around with the stuffed bear,
When, suddenly, my eyes opened up, excited to see him there.

With red hearts blazing all over his white frame,
I smiled at him, and Love Puppy was named.

My mom was excited that I loved this guy.
I couldn't care less before; now, I wasn't shy!

If Love Puppy was in reach, I grabbed for him fast.
If he wasn't, then I quickly moved my tiny little ass.

To hold him, to bite him, that's always my plan.
And if you don't give him to me, instead I'll bite your hand!


Laura said...

Hehehehe.....too funny!!!

Michelle said...

love it!

Heather said...


Noel said...

very cute.

Julie said...

How cute.

Nancy said...

Oh dear. Another Stinky Dog is born!