Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet me in St. Louis...

How exciting - the WSA convention in 2010 is in St. Louis - woo hoo!! We head out to St. Louis every few years to visit family - my family moved from there when I was eight. The last time I was there was when my Uncle Joe died in 2005 - so Brady already had his first trip to Missouri(although he was in utero!). (Uncle Joe is who Brady is named after --Brady Joseph.)

There's so much to do out there - Nance, you WILL love the Arch! - but there's also the Saint Louis Zoo (free and HUGE!), plus the downtown area and tons of other stuff. We will all have a blast!


Laura said...

Definately can't wait!!! This one should be extra fun with so many of the bloggy gang able to go.
What a party it will be!!

Tes said...

I am getting so excited, this will be our very first convention. I hope to hug you all!

Anonymous said...

Kerry, what are the dates? I would be happy to put someone up at my house if needed. Would love to see you!
Kelly (kerry's cousin)