Saturday, January 03, 2009

Kids Bunco

Once a month a group of overtired, kid-free, husband-free, anxiously-going-out mothers gather to play Bunco, a fun dice game that you need not pay too much attention to play. This is great so that we can chat, eat and drink and still play - I highly recommend it to everyone!

One mother suggested getting the kids together for a Bunco night of their own, since many times they are trying to sneak in to play at ours. Everyone turned in $5 and the kids played for dollar-store type prizes. They had a blast.

The mother who organized it suggested giving the $60 raised to the WSA in Brady's name. She is always present at Brady's Walks and visited us in the hospital when Brady was born. Her daughter is just a month younger than Brady and was his first playdate at two months old :)
Thanks, to everyone who came to Kids Bunco and supporting the WSA - and thanks to Shari for putting it all together!

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Laura said...

I've never played, sounds like fun!