Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Makin' Strides

Today Brady had his Early Intervention appointment with his PT Lisa. We love her! She is wonderful and even though we're pretty sure Brady plays possum with her when she comes, I know he'll grow to love her too. "Play possum?" you ask. Well, when she is stretching Brady's limbs he cries for her to hold him, then acts like he's falling asleep, so she stops so he can settle down. He watches her out of half-opened slits, thinking she will wait til he falls asleep to continue... however he doesn't fall asleep! Smart little cookie, that one. The temper comes from Tom's side, the ingenuity comes from mine. :)

Anywho, we're all very pleased with Brady Bunch, as I've been known to call him. (Yes, I am and will always be a Brady Bunch fanatic. My brother and I used to race to see who can name the episode first when the show would start. My mother is convinced Brady is named for the show as well. I'll never tell.)

Back on track, Brady is doing a much better job sitting and catching himself when he leans over, plus he settles himself down much better now. He is also doing better transferring toys, and particularly loves his key ring set. (Is it a guy thing -- just can't wait to drive!) Next week we're going to start seeing Lisa twice a week, as she feels he's on the cusp of breaking through and doing some great stuff. Plus we also see Vicki, the Speech Pathologist once a week, so we're going to see both of them on at least one day. Since we're not doing weight checks every other week anymore (cross your fingers that doesn't change!) I really don't mind the appointments. Maybe "mind" is the wrong word-- I know people get burnt out of doctor appointments, but I'm not there yet. I just keep thinking of the big picture. My girlfriend who is a nurse and Brady's godmother said just by getting Brady in Early Intervention as early as we did probably changed his quality of life.

I hate to even type it here because I might jinx things... but he's actually getting on some type of schedule, eating- and sleeping-wise. I'll keep you updated on that- maybe the schedule will end tomorrow, who knows. Because I had to feed him whenever he wanted, more or less, it was hard to determine bedtime and breakfast and naptime, etc. Now that we are having cereal with fruit and vegetables, we are having more "meals". Cross your fingers!

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