Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Who's the mother here?

Brady seemed to be not quite happy. Because his formula is concentrated, that has usually been the reason, especially for any gassiness. However, remembering that rice cereal can act as a binder, I decided to switch him to oatmeal cereal and see if it changed anything. Since I switched him from rice cereal to oatmeal cereal he has been taking longer naps and seemed to be less irritable. I was surprised, because I didn't think the rice bothered him because he had been eating it for over a month, but I really think that was the culprit.

The funny thing was the way in which I switched him to oatmeal. You see, whenever I wondered something about Brady, or my other son too for that matter, I would call my mother. We would discuss it, plus any other related issues; she would tell me what she did when I was a baby, then we would discuss how mothers today are so different, yada yada yada. Then, I would discuss the problem with my friend who is a pediatric nurse. She gives me professional opinions, plus her own experiences. I would usually touch base with a friend or two as well. Now with Brady, add in the fact that I would then discuss it with his pediatrician, who I would see every other week, and then with his specialist too, like his physical therapist or nutritionist. Only then would I make the next move.

I am ready to admit things with Brady are definitely different than with my other son. Brady's food intake is pretty closely monitored, as well as his general health, because I need to keep an eye out for any signs related to his heart problems. I SHOULD check with the doctor if he seems exessively gassy, as that may mean a change in his formula; I SHOULD check with the nutritionist if he still seems more hungry after his feeding , as that may mean a graduation to the next food level; I SHOULD report to his physical therapist when he favors one side to another.

However, the oatmeal change just happened. I was at the store. I bought oatmeal. I put it in his next meal. He lapped it up. His irritability seemed to go away almost instantly (probably not, but that's how it felt). And we've done it the same way every meal since then. I think a friend did mention to me that rice was a binder, reminding me that it could be the reason for his discomfort, but that was the only discussion I had about it.

Wooo... what's going on?? Am I back to making decisions for my son? Could it be that I may feel that I know my son well enough now to gauge his reactions? It's very difficult with a child with Williams Syndrome -- often they don't give you much to go on, especially at only 8-1/2 months. I'm glad that I'm not totally alone on raising my children. I take great comfort in knowing that I have a huge support system out there; especially with those people who have letters after their names and are more knowledgeable than I on many subjects. And while I am just one of the many taking care of Brady, it seemed like that was all I was, one of the many, not his mother, the supreme being of all.

But with a little oatmeal... I am back to feeling that yes, I am his mother; that although my son has William's Syndrome, I still know and can make decisions about my son. It has made me feel like... his mother.


Nancy said...

There is nothing better than a little extra confidence gained through an experience like this! Keep in touch with your instincts, and you will be fine, Williams or not! You are a great mom! Happy 4th!

Lisa R said...

Brady is to cute...I am going to try oatmeal with Tatum maybe it well work for me too :)