Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Almost a year...

Here we are, almost a year old... on Friday, the 13th, needless to say! A year ago today, the 11th, I was in pure ignorant bliss. I was wrapping things up for in two days I had a scheduled Cesarean section planned. Had Michael all set, had the house all set... I was all set.

Little did I know, the next 48 hours were to be the calmest for quite awhile. I think we went out to eat, but that was about it. For in the morning on that Thursday, October 13, 2005, little Brady Joseph was born. Immediately problems with his breathing and heart were recognized, along with his jaundice a little while later (see my first post). And thus began the roller coaster ride of doctor appointments and diagnosises.

But in the middle of all this was still a little baby boy, a cutie patootie with soft skin and a mess of hair, who resembled both Tom and, when he was sleeping, Michael. This little boy who needed his parents to help him, protect him, care for him. Love him.

So here we are, another 48 hours until the celebration of his birth. What a year it has been. I never knew heartache before; never experienced such wonder and joy, except with Michael's birth; never had such worries and concern. But this little boy is who he is - and I can't imagine my life and sweeter than the way it is.


Ange said...

What a great picture of Tom and Michael looking at your little peanut - I love it.
What a difference a year makes, huh? How many conversations did we have the year B.B. (Before Brady) saying that the coming year would bring big, wonderful changes. Little did we know!! And now we can say the same thing for Brady's second year. He will grow and change in leaps and bounds and I can't wait to share it all - the good, the bad and the downright frustrating with you!! In so many ways Brady has brought me a lot of joy and taught me a lot at the same time. I thank you for that. He is so lucky to have been given parents who can show him such drive,love and patience. We're all lucky to know him.

Lisa R said...

Awe so cute and little...Tatum was also a schd. C...once she came out it sounds alot like Brady....Breathing and heart issues...Wow if we knew then what we know now...Happy Birthday Little Man. I can not wait for many many more :)

Nancy said...

Sniff. What a beautiful post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brady Bunch! At only one year, you have a bigger fan club than most celebrities, full of people who love you. Lucky boy!

Love always,
Nancy & Erik

Teresa & Shawn said...

I am writing this on the 13th, so Happy Birthday, Brady! Congrats to Kerry and Tom for surviving this first year - it's the toughest!

We still need to get together sometime!

Aspen said...


Hugs and kisses and birthday wishes from Aspen and Daven.

Amy K said...

Happy B-day little B-Boy! And congrats to you mommy for making it through a very difficult year. You made it!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Brady!! What a super-sweet post, you brought a tear to my eye. Enjoy this wonderful day. Thinking of you, Nicole