Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Today has been such a funky one. I am almost hesitant to write about it because it all seems so silly when I actually hear the words come out of my mouth. Brady's been through some pretty traumatic times - hernia surgery, a few echos, some pricks for blood... but what do I choose to let consume me? Calories and calcium. Hmpf.

Today we met with the nutritionist, a wonderful woman named Tara who will doublebook to get us in her schedule. I do appreciate that! And even though we waited, I had no problem with that. I did have to have Michael sleep at a friend's to get the Children's Hospital by 7:30 a.m., but sometimes that happens.

She sat with Brady and me going over how to get more calories and textures into the boy, without increasing his calcium intake. So we are doing the usual -adding pastina to Stage 2 foods, 1 tsp oil to his jarred food, instant oatmeal into his cereal, real peaches and pears with the heavy juice, etc. We are also going to be doing at least 12-1/2 oz of Enfamil, 7-1/2 ounces of Calcilo a day, mixed together. The Calcilo is a low calcium formula.

Now this was all fine... not very traumatic. And the fact that Calcilo has to be ordered for home delivery is fine. And the fact that after you call and find out you need a prescription is fine. And after you make all the arrangments to have the form for the prescription sent to the dr's office then faxxed back to Ross is fine. And the fact that they don't deal with health insurance, you just have to get reimbursed yourself or have it sent to a pharmacy is fine.

No.. the traumatically frustrating part is when the guy from Ross said after I questioned what the price is, "Duh..... federal law prohibits me from telling you the price over the phone because it is a metabolic product."
ME: "You can't tell me how much it is going to cost?"
DUMBASS: "No, but I can fax it."
ME: "Um, since a fax line is a phone line why can't you tell me over the phone?"
ONLY-DOING-HIS-JOB-BUT-I-HAVE-TO-BE-PISSED-OFF-AT-SOMEONE: "Federal law prohibits me from telling you."
ME: "Well, I got a message to call to order with my Mastercard."
BRAT: " Yes, we take American Express, Visa, and Mastercard! " (smiling, I hear in his voice)
ME: "So, you want me to give you my card numbers and you aren't going to tell me how much you're charging me??????"
ANNOYING-MAN: "Well, you can order it and then I can tell you the price."
ME: "Forget it, fax me the price list."

It ends up being around $17 a can, and since it is a metabolic product that needs a prescription, there is a good chance health insurance will cover it, I am told from the lady in the Reimbursement Division. Yeah, yeah... we'll see when I call tomorrow.

Anywho, I lost it. It was so frustrating, but really kind of stupid that I would choose something to trivial in the big picture to let bother me. C'mon... we've got a sedated echo in two weeks!! Now, before all the psychiatric mommies comment, I know I was probably allowing myself to let my guard down on something that wasn't so bad because I knew somewhere down deep I could recover better and faster. I think my cup runneth over, literally. And I never take the time to drink some tea from that cup either.

Anywho, Tom said I should go out a let loose because I need some mental health break.. okay, ladies - up for a drink in say, Ohio? That's probably more or less central for everyone. We'll meet around 7 for drinks Saturday night and then get some dinner!

[In the picture above on the right you'll see Mr. Brady upset because his arm got stuck in his highchair toy... sorry, Brady, Mommy has to take a picture first before she can help you! :) ]


Nancy said...

:) Erik gets stuck in toys like that.

We can handle the big stuff, Kerry...it's the small stuff that reminds us we are on the edge dealing with the big stuff! It's not silly at all. That happens to me all of the dang time.

Hang in there, chica.

Lisa R said...

To bad my private jet is in the shop or i would totally be there...if someone else has one that could pick me up game on!!!!

I can promise you that would have put me over the top as well especially with the echo lingering...

What bar resturant just in case:)

Amy K said...

Ha! I lost it last night too just because Avery was gagging on a bowl of rice krispies. I could go for some drinks AND some pretty solid drugs, just kidding. Our insurance covers the calcilo so yours should, we get is delivered through Clarian Home Care, a division of the hospital that delivers medical supplies of all types. If I was you, I'd call the pharmacy and do it that way, sounds the easiest. Also, we add polycose to it, a calorie supplement, so she gets 27 cal/oz. That has worked WONDERS for Avery. That is not covered by insurance, but only $10 a can and is non prescription. It seems to work much better for Avery than olive oil or corn syrup in adding calories. It is pure carbs, no calcium in it.

Teresa & Shawn said...

What time are we meeting?

Oh, Kerry, I totally hear you. It's the little things that get me. I ranted and raved a while ago about getting a prescription filled. I can sit by my daughter's bed after open heart surgery waiting to see her eyes for the first time in a week, but I can't handle it when something small goes wrong. That's the stuff that's suposed to be easy.

Kati said...

Kerry, what sweet pictures!!! Brady gets bigger ang bigger!!!! :))))
What a silly thing with the insurance and the prices!

Love, Kati

Aspen said...

Ah nuts! Did I miss the drinks and dinner appointment? ;-)

I agree with the rest of the girls...I can deal with the big stuff. (for the most part) But when I drag Daven into a store to pick up some formula only to find out they are out...I am liable to GO OFF on someone. HA!

Love you girl! Go ahead...take a load off.

Is there such things as a Cyber Bar? We could possibly meet there...

Lisa R said...

I think a "Cyber Bar" is called a chat room. Name the time and the place ladies :) I'll meet you there with a nice cold Sam Adams LOL...