Monday, March 05, 2007

New doctor in town

Today we went to Children's to visit a new doctor - an orthopedist. Our pediatrician sent us based on the new diagnosis Brady has, radioulnar synostosis. She figured an othopedist probably wouldn't do anything at this time because of his age, but moreso to be seen by a professional and get Brady's name in the office.

We saw Dr. Bae who was fantastic - we were in and out of the office within 25 minutes, including weight and height check. We could have stayed longer if I had more questions for him, but it was all pretty simple. Basically, there is nothing they will do for Brady in terms of surgery, now or in the future. His arms go all the way to neutral position (like they are ready to clap) and therefore he will be able to adapt to life. He checked Brady's spine (fine!) and told us to check in with him once a year so he can follow along with Brady's progress and check for other things that are common with William's patients.


Nancy said...

I wish they could do something for him, but I'm glad that they are confident he will adapt. That's good news.

Thinking lots about you guys.


Lisa R said...

That is cool that you do not have to go often I agree with nancy I think that cutie is going to be just fine. He really doesn't have a choice he has a big bro to keep up with :)

Amy K said...

I been wanting to tell ya how proud I am of you, it is a delight reading your blog. Your optimism, positive attidute and strength is contagious and just gives be a little pump for the day! You are on the right track darlin, keep up the good work and Brady will be there before you know it! OXOXOXOXOXOXOX