Tuesday, April 03, 2007


For it to be April 3, there should be birds chirping, sun blazing and bits of green poking out of the ground. The air should be warm and smell like rain. WELL.... here in New England it is cold, drizzly and gray... not light gray but more like gray-to-black. We had a small peek of spring last week but we're back to a wintery mode. All we need is another April Fool's Day snowstorm like we had 10 years ago to top off the week.

It's like we're in a standstill -- not quite spring weather yet, but too warm for the sweaters. We are in a plane inbetween winter and spring. Coincidentally, that is where Brady is too. He was having a gusto end-of-winter, eating food pretty well, sleeping on a schedule, learning new tricks, sitting for a good amount of time. Then we went to the nutritionist who was happy in general with him, but we're still trying to add in more calories. Since then, he has been not eating a lot of food and not drinking a lot of bottles. I will probably find out in another week or so that he has an ear infection or strep throat or something... there are no symptoms but ironically this kid never complains, just doesn't eat! Of course if I used not eating as a symptom of an illness we'd be at the doctor for fruitless appointments every day.

If you looked at Brady, though, he's not a skinny little peanut. He seems very proportionate, just small. He is growing length-wise, and his cheeks and belly jiggle when he bounces around. He is more active, which also accounts for not gaining weight really fast. Argh - seems like a nevernending cycle.

PT-wise he's doing pretty good, still making strides. I am hoping he will be able to do more when the warmer weather hits and we're outside more.


Nancy said...

I can't wait until it warms up here again, too, so I can spend more time outside with my lil guy.

Keep cozy for the time being!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

I would love to see Brady with a jiggly belly! How cute. He is just so adorable. I bet he's fun to snuggle with.

It is cold and gray here in Michigan, too. We have had some snow, as well. I hope my spring flowers don't give up on the weather.

Stay warm...


Aspen said...

Spring has been teasing us as well. I planted flowers only to have them wither away this weekend. Spring has to be just around the corner. Glad to hear of Brady's new tricks!

Amy K said...

Brady looks fabu so don't worry too much about the weight. He is gaining and making strides on his own terms, so just listen to the professionals and go back to your life cuz it is A-O-K! No worries. He is making progression in eating and that is so GREAT, it is slow and he'll rebound(: I figured out the other day that it has taken Avery about a year to progress in eating as much as it would take a typ toddler merely a couple months.I am not telling you this to bum you out! But to help you find some peace when he refuses to open his mouth(: Its slow, its annoying and it sucks!