Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

It's been a little insane over here (I am noticing how many times I start a post like that...). We started the new school year and with that all the other new things -- a new Sports season (soccer), a new Cub Scout year (Webelos 1), a new Programming year for me with the PTO (scheduling and finalizing programs for the school), a new CCD class, a new homework/play/bed schedule, etc.

And on top of that, we have all of Brady's annual visits coming up. Within two weeks, Brady and I (and Grandma) have made/will make five separate visits to Children's Hospital, plus his normal therapy appointments (which Teresa has graciously pointed out to me is seven hours a week), plus a weight check at his pediatrician's. So... if I haven't called you back -- you know I'm not screening your call!

Our first visit was to Nutrition, where we had to see a new Nutritionist since ours is still on maternity leave from March (she comes back in November). We did like her-- she added more Polycose to his food, suggested we get insurance to pay for the Polycose (doing that right now!) and suggested we use the food processor on our dinner and give it to Brady for his, adding more calories and giving him more texture. Only thing, is that Brady is in a "No Food" strike right now because his two-year-old molars are coming in -- Brady's teeth are always the one thing he gets early or on time! He is taking his bottle so I'm not worried about him losing weight, and I think one just punctured through the other day so we are probably almost done.

Last Thursday Brady had his echo -- we have been going every six months because his heart problems seemed to stop escalating. This was no different -- no changes since March! Yeah! We don't go back til next March now. The only pain we had that day was waiting for the doctor because he was called to an emergency. We ended up not leaving until rush-hour traffic was starting and we were sans Grandma this trip. Looong day -- but good results. :)

Friday we went to Genetics. The ever-witty Teresa summed up the visit nicely for me: "What have you been doing? That's great, keep it up. Bye!" We love our geneticist so this visit is always pretty painless. She did recommend for Brady to see a Neurologist, only because he hasn't yet, not for any specific reason. Also, she wants his hearing tested again since it hasn't been done since he was five months old. She was pleased with his abilities, happy he was seeing PT three times a week plus the other EI appointments, and thought he was extremely cute. :) She said she wanted to keep an eye on his growth because he was barely on the WS curves for both height and weight. She is also having the coordinator from the Williams Clinic at Children's contact me so we can get in on that, which would be fantastic. We would see all his doctors over a few days and hook up with other families.

Tomorrow we go to Orthopedics (his PT gave me a laundry list to go over with him) and then OT at the hospital for measurements for possible splints for his hands. Thursday we go to the Opthomologist, where Brady will probably get into big trouble for not wearing his glasses. Hopefully she will solve that problem for us!

We were able to hook up with Teresa and Shawn both Thursday and Friday while they were doing Clare's pre-op then surgery. Good to see them, but not for good reasons. Please send your prayers out to Clare for a speedy recovery. Check out her updates here:


Every minute counts.... said...

Thanks for the update! Good news about the cardio! I understadn the weight gain problems...Abi has always been off the WS chart low until recently..she is on for hight still low for weight! are busy with your boys and keeping up with! I'm glad you could be there to say "hi" to Teresa...I'm sure seeing an understanding face meant alot!


Julie said...

Glad you had a good echo. We go in Jan. and if it goes well we get to wait a year. I understand busy now that the girls are back in school.

Tamy Kitt said...

Hi Kerry,
Your visit to the Cardio sounded pretty much like ours for Parker,
his heart has improved and we get to go once a year now! Isn't it an amazing feeling hearing news like that!!! Dr. Roberts referred us the the WS Clinic also, I think we are scheduled in November, so many appointments I have to double check. Maybe we will be there at the same time. It would be great to finally meet you and Brady. I was wondering how much Brady weighs now, Parker just hit 20lbs he just turned 2 on Friday 14th. He's such a peanut, Brady and Parker look close in size(pictures of Brady on your site). Do you go to Boston Childrens @ Peabody for the Nutritionist? We just went a couple of weeks ago (1st visit) and saw Sharon Weston, I really liked her.
I was so kind of you to visit Teresa and Shawn at Childrens when Clare went in for her procedure, I'm sure it meant alot to them.


Michelle said...

wow I thought I had been busy! You sure have been really busy! Great news from the cardiologist visit!

Kerry said...

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!

Tamy- At Brady's last weigh-in about a week-and-a-half ago he was 16 lbs 12 oz.... will 17 pounds ever come??? He will turn two on Oct. 13. I am hoping he will be close to 18 by then!! Depends when he starts eating again. Our OT who has no medical issues (other than reflux) was 17 pounds at 2 yrs!

We see Tara McCarthy at Children's for Nutrition --love her! Peabody is not too close for us. Where are you? Email me if you have time ~

Tara said...

Wow- you all have been busy. Glad you got good news from the cardiologist! I bet Teresa enjoyed seeing you all-I'm so glad you all live close enough to support each other. Thanks for the update!

Amy said...

Wow, I got exhausted just reading the blog. Lol. Great news on the echo. I never had any luck getting insurance to pay for a "supplement" and Avery's insurance is pretty awesome on most things. As far and weight and eating go, my motto has been "slow and steady wins the race." Keep it up, but don't force if he isn't ready. Keep his trust up, and don't scare him too much by freaking him out with texture IF he isn't ready. Last night Avery ate a whole piece of pizza, cut up! It has taken here 3-4 month to go from a few bites of pizza to this, so hang in there! 14 hours and 1 minute, huh? lol.

Laura said...

Great news about the cardio app.
I can certainly understand how busy things get with the kids back in school.
Are you up for a Mother's Luncheon at my house in November?

Lisa R said...

YIPEEEEE I know I have spoken to you and know all this but YIPEEEE again :)

I ma glad you could be there for Tree and her fam :)

Teresa & Shawn said...

Hey I am a star on your blog today!

That's stinky about Brady's food strike. Those molars are the worst. Hopefully it will be over soon!