Friday, September 21, 2007

Children's Hospital -Week #2

Okeedokee... Monday we went to Orthopedics. I love our orthopedist. He is WONDERFUL. However, we did end up waiting an hour to see him, which through off the rest of the day and the OT appointment at the hospital afterwards. My mother was with us and pretty upset we had to wait so long. She was threatening to make snide comments when the doc came... I had to restrain her. I like this doc! She ended up behaving herself. :)

Brady's PT gave me a list of things to go over with Ortho, notably his hands -- he tends to keep his thumbs in at rest. He does open his hands all the way, pick things up and use normally, but they definitely need stretching out. His left is worse than his right and sometimes prohibits him from putting food in his mouth. He recommended hard splints to wear to bed. We went to the OT at the hospital and they made one right there and then - how cool! Brady wore it with no complaining. We ran out of time to make the other one, so we have to go back now NEXT week (Week #3 for those keeping track) to make the second one. It only takes about half an hour. While we're there we'll get his blood and urine test for calcium.

The Orthopedist felt his radial ulnar synostosis was fine, not prohibitive to him in any way yet. His hamstrings were a little tight, but both he and Brady's PT feel Brady is going through a growth spurt right now which could account for that. His PT also feels Brady's ankles are weak. His knees are fine, very strong. The orthopedist prescribed UCGLs which I think are a hard plastic brace for his shoe to support his ankle. They are not covered by insurance and are $250 each. Apparently insurance doesn't cover anything below the ankle. What?!?!?!??!

No biggee - the doc wasn't pushing for them right now (Since he's not walking or attempting to - we're still working on the crawling) and the Brace shop people said if he prescribed SPOs they would be covered. SO I will look into all that. Plus I am finishing up an insurance plan that would cover some out-of-pocket medical expenses, so we might be okay anyway.

Which brings us to Thursday... when we went to the Ophthalmologist. Yes, Brady got in a bit of trouble for taking his glasses off! But the doc did say she doesn't feel the glasses are really helping his eyes turning in anyway. They both turn in at different times, which is good because it means he is using both eyes. His vision is actually fine. She did say she thinks he probably will need surgery to stop them from turning in for cosmetic reasons. Basically, he will feel better about himself, give him confidence, it will aid him in being more social if he isn't self conscious about his eyes. I understand and agree. It's nothing that will happen soon, and they adjusted his glasses and we got a strap so if the glasses do seem to help over these next three months, maybe we won't think about surgery.

On top of all this, I think he has allergies. I think they spiraled into a cold, which we all have now.

I will write more later- but since I chose to read all the blogs before I wrote has led me to a late night when I am EXHAUSTED!


Julie said...

Oh glasses. I have a feeling they are in Noah's future. I know he won't leave them on either.

Every minute counts.... said...

Abi has always tucked in her thumb to pick up anything. I have always worried about it and all the therapists have said is "she finds a way to make it work...leave her alone." I can't see that it is good to leave it if she is doing it wrong. Maybe we should talk to the ortho about that. We are going to get DAFO's in Oct again. I think keeping glasses on any kid is hard. One as little as Brady would be impossible! I hope he doesn't have to have eye surgery but if he does he will appreciate it later in life I'm sure.

Thanks for the update,

Amy said...

Hi Kerry you are my first blog reading of the day. Busy Brady week!!! I haven't had one of those is a while, so maybe you have something to look forward too? Less appointments? Yeah, check into the SMOs. They are 3 times as expensive, but First Steps (EI) paid for Avery's - insurance would have paid for 80%. (Still less than $500) XOXO

Tara said...

Wow- you have been busy....and a lot on your plate it sounds like. I love how your mom said she would make snide comments to the doctor!! That cracked me up - my mom would've said the same thing :) I do hope the glasses end up working so you can avoid surgery, but I think it's great the doc thought of the confidence aspect of it. Sounds like a good opthamalogist. Thanks for the update!

Heather said...

Wow, girl you have been super busy! It is always something with these guys isn't it?
Well I am really hoping the glasses help and no surgery, but you know Tatum made it through fine and looks beautiful so I'm sure if it goes there Brady will do fine. Although still not fun to think about. So Brady is already getting tight? I can't remember back that far to remember if it was happening with Caleb that young. We have our first ortho appt. this Thurs. I can't afford those braces! Well I hope your tornadoe slows down soon.;) Heather