Monday, November 26, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Tis the season to be jolly...although jolly isn't quite the word I would use to describe Brady here - he was a little perplexed as to what this thing was on his nose. Five seconds later it was off, so you are quite lucky to be seeing this picture at all.

We are in Christmas season mode over here -we put the tree up over the weekend and are slowly unloading our holiday decorations all over the house. The Christmas shopping is getting done, our cookie-making day is set, and I am thisclose to ordering my Christmas cards. We have been going on warped speed over here - between Cub Scout activities, therapy appointments and whatnot, the calendar is filled to the brim. I am making it a priority to downgrade a bit and have some just chillin' out time.

One of our nights consisted of going to my (gasp) 20-year high school reunion. I had hooked up with some girlfriends I hadn't seen in awhile the week before, so I was lukewarm about attending. Glad I ignored myself - it was a blast! We all kept saying, "Wow! You haven't changed at all!" and of course, dear husband later on pointed out that we really were pretty old :). It was interesting to say the least, and as the night went on, you can see the little cliques begin to form again. I suddenly felt like I was back in that big school again. I still had no patience for some of the obnoxious boys and the fake smiles of the plastic girls. My girlfriends and I went around and talked to everyone, and I was able to hook up again with a few old friends again, so that was great. It's amazing how no matter what time has passed and how different your life becomes... some things just don't change. I looked around the room at these people, most who knew me from when we moved here when I was 11.

This weekend we met up with Coleman and his family. Coleman just turned a year and has WS. He has had numerous health issues over the past year, but he is such a little ham and was all over the place on Sunday. He is crawling and pulling himself up on the furniture, and giving us big smiles at every turn. It was so cute - at one point he did a scrunched-up smiley face and started waving his hands around and one minute later Brady did the same thing sitting right next to him. It is always comforting to see the similarities with these kids; how the parents know what you are going through. We will hopefully gather together often, as they are only half an hour away.

All right - I am posting this because I have been trying to add to it all day and I have not gotten any further. Tomorrow I will tell y'all one HECK of a story....


Lebenland said...

Well....thank you!!! Geez...finally a post! Had such a great time seeing you twice last week. I agree the reunion was a blast! My head is still buzzing with all that went on. Very cute pics. on this post. Glad you are back in action. :-)

Julie said...

Great picture. Things are starting to get really crazy here too. Can't wait to here this story. You have my curiosity up.

Katie said...

Oh that nose is TOO cute!
love the pic of Coleman and Brady together. Those similarities are just undeniable hey!
The reunion sounded great - my
10th one is coming up in a few years... (LOL feeling old?)
Looking forward to your story... sounds interesting!

Penny said...

I love the nose!

Michelle said...

sounds like you had a great time at the reunion; and it sounds like it was a fun playdate! I wish there were someone else in this town, Kayla's age, w/Ds that we could get together with -just to not feel so "alone"!