Sunday, March 02, 2008

Counting my Blessings

1) I am very blessed that Brady's echo went well enough on Thursday to pass him for his eye surgery this Tuesday. It wasn't 100 percent fabulous news.... the gradient in his SVAS did increase slightly, from 35-40 to 50 since last September. We have been lucky that for the past two years it has not been going up and we have avoided having a cath. Now, instead of going back in six months for another echo we are going back in June. Our cardiologist said if it goes up even a little we will probably have a cath. I knew it would come at some point, so I wasn't really too surprised. And, again, I do feel lucky that it is not at some horrendous number that he isn't cleared for surgery. I can't wait for this surgery to be done so we can see what differences will happen in Brady.

2) I am very grateful that the new temporary permanent (LOL) pastor at our church seems to be a great guy. We met him today for the first time; and while he is not as charismatic as Father Dennis, he is upbeat, energetic and friendly. He came right over to Brady when he saw him and talked to him (Brady has that way with people!). Later on, during coffee hour, Michael took Brady up to him and we were able to speak to him a little longer. I spoke about Brady's upcoming surgery and Father Moroney blessed him. He was asking questions about Brady's health so I said he had Williams Syndrome, and he said knowingly, "Ah, yes, Williams syndrome." Turns out he has spent much time in Children's hospitals and knows the syndrome quite well. How bizarre! I said, "Well, you're one of the few!" We have Father Moroney until June at least, then our permanent permanent pastor will be named. I think it will be a good spring.

3) I'm grateful for the friends where you can just kick back and be yourself, including those we were with on Friday to celebrate our friend Jim's 10th birthday! Actually, it was the big 4-0 but since his birthday falls on February 29th, he is REALLY only 10. :) We went out for dinner and gambling and even the 15 minute ride there and back was a hoot and a half (...and a little smelly). I am thankful that there are as strange people as we are out there :)

4) This week I had a Fourth Grade Activities meeting (Michael is a "senior" at his elementary school and they get a bunch of fun activities this spring) and a Den Leaders Cub Scout meeting. I am thankful that we have such great volunteers in our community... but more important I am thankful I am able to do these things for my son, and Tom understands how important they are to me. I am big into the motto "Our kids are only little once" and I would like to help where I can. I know that time is ticking away and pretty soon Michael will not seek me out at the halls of the school to give me a hug as he does now, but instead turn his head and ask me NOT to be around so much LOL.


Julie said...

I am glad you have so many blessings.

Every minute counts.... said...

I am sorry that Brady's cardio wasn't all good news but glad that the eye surgery will go as planned. It really is diheartening to have surgery put of at the last minute( I should know, we have had it done a couple of times now). I hope that things go well and will be praying for your family, and especially Brady on Tues.
Glad that Micheal still hugs you in public, that does stop too soon.:) When you get those hugs at home though they mean a whole lot too!


Katie said...

Its great to hear the eye surgery can go ahead :) Im sorry that a cath is looming in the future and i will pray that it can be avoided for as long as possible.
Happy "10th" birthday (LOL)to Jim - at least he has a good excuse to act like a child for ever!
Its wonderful that the new pastor is familier with WS too :)

Laura said...

You and Brady are in my thoughts and prayers for tomorrow's surgery.
Sorry about the not so great news at the cardio. Hopefully there won't be any changes in June.

Ava Jewel Leilani said...

You and all of our other WS mom's are one of my most blessed!

I will keep you & Brady in my thoughts and prayers, I hope his #s go back down.

Much love & peace

Tara said...

Kerry-hoping the surgery went okay today. been thinking about you.

Every minute counts.... said...

Hope things went okay today!


Nicole said...

I've been thinking about you guys all day today. Hope things went well.