Sunday, March 09, 2008

Counting My Blessings

1) The weather is getting warmer ~ yeah! It means spring is coming! I am SO ready!

2) Brady had his first Drop Off Playgroup on Friday. I dropped him off at the Early Intervention Center at 9 a.m. to his Education Therapist Julie, where he was under her care for two hours. I went back to pick him up at 11 and she gave me a report on his time at "school". He played, went outside, had snack, did puzzles.... he had a great first time! It was really strange to drop him off and go. I only managed to go to Target, but next week I will get to the Y and work out. He came home and ate lunch then crashed... he definitely played hard! I am so thankful that it went well.

3) I am VERY grateful I went to my friend's house for an all-day scrapbooking day. I think I haven't been there in a year so it was much-needed and a lot of fun. The girls who are there are a blast and I got a few pages done. Tom and I trade off here and there so we can each have time to do the things we like -- he knows the golf season is coming up! LOL.

4) I am thankful that we had over Tom's sister and her new husband for dinner this weekend. It was great getting to know him; he is very upbeat and friendly and we had a fun time playing games after dinner.

5) I am very blessed to FINALLY be reading a good book: it took awhile to get interested but now I am gung ho. I find my life always flows better when I am reading something good. Not sure why that is ~ maybe it's a little treat for myself each day. Whatever it is, I am glad to have it. :)


Every minute counts.... said...

I am glad that things have gone well this week for your family!


Julie said...

Glad things are going well. That is awesome about his play group. It gives you some time by yourself.

Amy said...

School is going to be great for Brady, and you! Thanks for checking in on me this weekend, it warmed my heart to hear from you(:

Laura said...

I'm so glad he enjoyed the playgroup. I'm sure he's getting a ton out of it. It's nice for you, too.

What book are you reading? I'm always looking for something good to read.

Michelle said...

So glad to hear Brady did so well on his first drop-off playgroup! It'll be nice to have that couple hours to yourself :)

I need an all day scrapbooking day!

I also wondered what book you're reading?