Monday, June 16, 2008

Dum, dum.. (shark music) She's BA-ACK!

Ahhh.... it's June. Activities for Michael's last year at an elementary school are OVER! (that would be three major events plus a yearbook and slide show to produce over a three month period). Baseball, where we lived and breathed for two months, is OVER! (although we have summer league now.) Scouts... going on the down low. Could it be... will it be.... perhaps (gulp) some time to chill out?!?!?

You mean... I can actually blog again? It's so hard to find the time to chat with everyone. And then even when I wanted to send out a little update, I would think, "I can't write THAT... they don't even know about THIS yet!"

SO here is the Cliff Notes version, on some very important stuff:

First off, Mr. Brady is officially a CRAWLER! He did it a little at a time, but at 31 months of age I could say he became an official crawler. I can also say at 31 months of age, he became an official CRUISER! Yes, folks, he managed two modes of transportation at once. At 32 months of age (last week) he walked with his posterior walker unassisted -- all legs and arms, all him :) He did it smiling with his scrunched up face the whole time, as if he was laughing at me.

Secondly, his eating has gotten much better --still following all of Amy's hints and strategies (thx!). Loving the cereal bars and have tried a few times jelly sandwiches. Not gaining a lot of weight, but he looks like a little kid sucking out of his juice box rather than me holding a bottle to his mouth. How cool is that???

Thirdly, we had his echo last week which showed (good news) pulmonary stenosis down to 20, and getting better (Lisa said he could outgrow this)and (bad news) his supra valvular aortic stenosis getting steadily worse (at 60 now). The doctor said he just wrote a paper on what the magical number is to do a catherization, and it's... wait for it.... 60! This means we are going to have one, probably in August. He said we could wait til it gradually went up and next year do it at 70, but he'd rather do it now while Brady's strong and healthy. Makes sense, but still... ugh. We've never had one. He also said that if the gradient of the narrowing is a true 60 (sometimes the echo can be wrong) we would have heart surgery after the cath.

And fourthly more bad news, we are losing our speech therapist tomorrow. She is moving to Arizona :(. We already have a new one and she is ready to pop in two times a week, but she's not Vikki and I can already tell I am being mean to her, subconsciously, of course. :) She is extremely qualified and an excellent therapist, but Vikki has been with Brady since he was five months old. I have been with her through two boyfriends, a psycho Internet date, and a hormonal sister (all on her end, not mine!)

The only thing that comforts me is knowing that Brady's OT will remain his OT after he leaves Early Intervention (he's in that until age 3, then it's preschool) because she got a job in the school system and she will be working in his preschool. I LOVE that continuity! His PT, who has been around since he was four months old, will always be in my life, I think! She is a sweetheart and we have very close ties.

It's amazing I find these blessings amidst the health concerns, but I feel if I don't see them, I will drown in the unknowing and unthinkable. I will worry about his cath and its aftermath in August, but I don't want to dwell on it now. I know it will always be on my mind somewhere, but I have another son, a husband and two months of summer before that happens. We have a great vacation planned for Point Sebago again next month, plus I plan on seeing Lisa even though she doesn't know it yet ;)

I apologize that I haven't caught up on everyone's blogs, but I am doing that now. I know some of you have had health issues and my prayers are with you.


Heather said...

Dang, sorry to hear about the cath. I know he needs it, but still.
I'm glad you are staying positive, at least for now! no sense worrying your whole summer away. ugh, we are also very busy. Especially with baseball, and I secretly can't wait until it's over. Just want to chill-ax.
Hey, you are more than welcome to travel down with Laura and Michaela to the next spring event! :) If they decide to do that again. Brady is coming along so well! He is growing up all at once. I bet he is so proud of himself walking and crawling. Little cutie pie.

Tara said...

Very sorry to hear about the cath. I will definitely be thinking of you all come August. We have not had to experience that yet. I've always thought you had such a positive attitude and I admire that! How exciting to see that little guy crawl and cruise!!!!! I bet you can't believe it. And WOOHOO on eating better! I hope things slow down for you some so you can take a deep breath and enjoy the summer :)

Every minute counts.... said...

I wish that you had gottne better news from the cardio, although the PS getting better is good news. I am glad that you guys are doing the cath when he is still healthy. I really do think it makes a difference. The drs here have always said there is a line there, it has to be bad enough but you want them still healthy too. He is a champ, I can't believe crawling and cruising! Man, are you going to be busy with chasing him!!!
Sending hugs your way!

Amy said...

Ergh, I hate the word cath. I am so friggin excited that Brady has advanced so much the past six months. I mean WOW!!!!! Things are really clicking for him, it is just stunning if you ask me. Enjoy it because you think life is crazy now, can you imagine Brady walking?!?! That will be awesome.

Julie said...

Awesome news on all the motoring he is doing. I am sorry to hear about the heart stuff but unfortunately I am a seasoned mom in that area and you will get through it. You might be in a little bit of a fog for a while but you will become a stronger person for it. If you need to talk my e-mail is

Teresa & Shawn said...

Sorry to hear that Brady needs a cath. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to freak out, CALL ME!! We cannot wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!

Michelle said...

Wow Brady! You're just cruising right along with the PT milestones! How awsome!

Praying you'll get some answers, and good news, with the heart cath. Kayla had one a couple years ago to place a coil to close a very small PDA. The hardest part was keeping her relatively still afterwards!

Nancy said...

Go, Brady, go! Awesome!

Sorry to hear about the upcoming cath. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am faithfully checking here for updates! xoxox

Aspen said...

HE'S CRAWLING! Kerry that is so awesome! Congratulations, I know all too well what a HUGE feat that is.

Sorry to hear about his Cath. Keep us updated and let us know how he is doing. Until then...enjoy your summer!

Laura said...

WOW!!!! He's just moving right along!!
Sorry about the cath.
Hey, a roadtrip next year would be fun! We'll just invite ourselves to Lisa's and crash there, could you just imagine the fun....

Looking forward to seeing you all at Teresa's!