Thursday, June 26, 2008

We had a lovely visit to the dentist this past week. We had gone last month to find Brady had three cavities so we needed to return to have them filled. Because they were not too bad and there were only three, the dentist decided we would try to "scoop" the cavity out, put the medicine in and then the filling on. In the future, if there were a lot of cavities or in bad shape, he would be sedated.

I am not ashamed to say I hate the dentist. Maybe because when I first went to the dentist in my toddler days I had 24 cavities, my mother reminded me. I thought I only had seven, but my mother said, "No that's all they filled" because I was screaming the whole time. (Shudder) Now I have perfectly straight (thank you braces) teeth and stretch going to the dentist as much as I can.

Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive about going this week with Brady. My mother was away so I was going solo and not looking forward to it. When it came for Brady's turn, the dentist reminded me they would put Brady in a sleeping bag-type holder to prevent him from moving around. I had already stated that I didn't want to be in there with him because while I knew he would be fine, I didn't think I would be.

I followed the dentist down the hall and into the room wear six other mask-wearing people waited. They held their arms up with the gloves on intact, looking at me expectantly with the specimen-child. I held Brady and started to feel a bit panicky. "Um, I'm just going to lay him down and go" I told the doctor. She said, "That's what I want you to do." I did not want to see them strap him in the magical stay-still bed. I grabbed the carriage and hightailed it out.

I had to go outside to use my cellphone, where I left a message for my mother and then called Tom. After speaking to him for about 20 minutes I went back inside and the doctor was in the hall with Brady looking for me. My worries, apprehension, nervousness and guilt were for naught - apparently he fell asleep after they put him in the bed with music playing and they did their work. (Ahh!) Must I make such a big deal over EVERYTHING?!?!?

And on top of that, his front tooth held the largest cavity, which was the tooth that came in split and last Christmas eventually broke the tip off. They fashioned the filling as his tooth, and you can see from the first picture his top right tooth looks fabulous. (How'd you like to put your finger near those chompers??)


Laura said...

LOVE the picture...teeth look fabulous!
It has to be a huge relief to you that he did so well.

Heather said...

Oh my! That was WAY better than Caleb's first dentist appt!! I can't believe Brady fell asleep. Man is he easy or what! his teeth look great. just an fyi, Caleb's adult teeth came in so much healthier than his primary teeth. Big relief.

Penny said...

Too Cute!!!!!

Katie said...

Look at that big mouth!!
Great teeth :)

Lisa said...

Wow I am glad that visit went well, I wonder when I Ishould take Tate and her mouth full of choppers... I hate the dentist too it is just not so fun

Nancy said...

Holy incisors! He looks fabulous!

The dentist kinda sucks. But I'm glad it went well and it's over for now.

P.S. Is it just me, or is Brady growing BIG TIME?!