Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Day in the Neighborhood

It has been a strange couple days. We've been getting ready for school starting tomorrow, little projects around the house and setting up the Fall calendars. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

We get up in the morning, I sit Brady in his highchair, hand him his Poptart and he starts eating it. As the day progresses, I may bring Brady into the living room amongst all his toys (I have found leaving them all over the floor is much easier for him LOL) and he crawls from toy to toy, bangs on the ones to elicit songs, climbs up onto the scooters to move the steering wheel back and forth like he's driving, scoots over to the fence to tease the dog for kisses.

For lunch, he devours cream cheese on crackers, scowls at me when I give him baby veggies, opens his mouth wide for pudding. Manages to get Oreo slime in his hair, on his arms, behind his neck. Throws a fit when I clean him up. When he goes into his crib for a nap, he stands at the end and calls for half an hour.

When I need to start dinner, Brady will get some fun exciting Wiggles time - he sees the opening credits and smiles big, some kind of excited laugh comes out. He plays with his toys, sporadically turning around to the TV to watch the Wiggles dance and sing.

Wait a minute... can it be... he's acting like a... toddler?? Wow... it just all of a sudden hit me that he's acting more toddler-ish than baby-ish. His low tone has held him back for so long, but it is now an area that has progressed significantly. I feel like some weight has been lifted off my shoulder, that as his third birthday draws near, it will not be the same this year as it has been.


camille said...

Yaaaaaaay Brady! That's awesome. And that sounds like a really nice day. He's playing so well by himself and eating great. Wahoo!!

Tara said...

wooohoooo!!!!!! Your post just really gave me this peaceful feeling. Way to go Brady! (and mom!)

Amy said...

It is days like this you don't mind dealing with the toddler messes, because -OMG!!!!- he is making toddler messes!!!!! Yay!!

Laura said...

Hooray for Brady!!!!!!
That's great to hear, Kerry.

Penny said...

Awwwww, bitter sweet isn't it?

Jenny B said...

That is great news but at the same time, I understand how a little part of you may be thinking that your little baby is vanishing before your eyes. But in our cases (moms of kids with WS), we can handle the toddler behavior because it means they are making progress which is always a time for celebration!