Friday, September 12, 2008


Putting things in perspective. That is how I live my life. Not having oodles of extra money, but having caring friends and family. Not being model thin, but having good health nonetheless. Brady having Williams syndrome, Brady not having anything worse.

Our PT is going to a funeral this weekend for a nine-year-old boy who died after a two-year fight with leukemia. So, when he was seven, his parents were told their son had cancer. It's so hard to fathom they were given this news about their little boy. It certainly reminds us all how lucky we are.

I think I touch upon this topic frequently in my blog because not only is it so true, but I am almost ashamed of people telling me how great I'm doing with Brady, how proud they are of me. I DO appreciate all the good thoughts, (and sometimes I need encouragement) but what other people go through are ten times more than me. I am just doing what ALL moms do, special needs kids or not; they take care of their family.

My heart goes out to this boy who lost his battle and his family. Please send your prayers. Thank you~


Heather said...

awwwe, that is such a shame. I can't even imagine, and you are so right Kerry. It does really put things into perspective and show us how grateful we all need to be.

Amy said...

Kerry, surprisingly, people do not take parenting as seriously as we do...special needs or not. I often think special needs just raises the bar of how much more important it is to give everything we have for our children because they need us to be their caregivers, cheerleaders, and advocates. Some kids don't need that. Some kids just need love, understanding and encouragement. Every child is different in what they need, and our special kids just demand on us our patience, dedication and time. And we have to be willing to give it(; It is a special gift to our kids, and not everyone wants to or knows how to do it.

As far as the path that others travel, it does put things in perspective. From the loss of a child, to the more extreme suffering around the world. We have it quite good, we have AMAZING children, warm beds, food, love, friends, family, and so much more.

Margaret said...

Hey Kerry, when I saw Brady & pt the other day, I definitely saw a HUGE difference in the Brady of September than the Brady of May!! He is doing so awesome, I could NOT be happier!!

As for the tragic news of Lisa's friend's son, it's just horrible. I sometimes think the same way about Cam. Yes, autism sucks - can't talk, but he can finally communicate now using pictures! Can tell me his needs & wants. All brand new - must be the season for change, eh?

And, Cam has the most infectious smile and bright blue eyes, and everyone who has met him, loves him. Yes, I feel fortunate too...

Brady, like Cam, is a blessing ~ though some would think otherwise. I would not have chosen this path, but here I am, and I am the better person for it. I know you echo these sentiments...

You are the best, glad to see Brady cruising all around the living room and eating up a storm!

Tara said...

You are so right, Kerry. I simply cannot imagine losing a child - or seeing my child suffer for two years. I really just cannot fathom it. Definitely puts things in perspective.

Julie said...

It is every parents nighmare. They are in my prayers.