Saturday, September 30, 2006

General Update

I had called the geneticist about the results of Brady's calcium test and she replied back that they had elevated again - they were 11.8 now. They had previously been 10, 10.5, 10.8... kept rising over the past year. She contacted the nutritionist, who made an appointment with us next Thursday at (ugh) 7:30 a.m. in town. She will probably outline a new diet for Brady. Catch 22 - the more formula he drinks, the more weight he gains - the more formula he drinks, the less food he eats, which will create more sensory issues later on. Plus he can't be only having formula all the time - he'll be a year old in less than a month! She told me not to add any yogurt or cheese (we were doing Yo Baby yogurt) and not to add any powdered formula to his food right now either (we weren't doing this but I had inquired about it for weight gain). We'll get the whole update Thursday.

She did say we can start him on eating tiny cut up pieces of peaches and pears, which I started tonight. He had this questioning look on his face, but he did sit there and chew it. So funny! Our ST will be very happy. He didn't cooperate too much with her Friday morning because he had just woken up. He kept giving her strange looks, like, "Are you really here or am I dreaming?" Hopefully he'll do great with chewing the food and that will make her happy.

We missed PT this week due to a scheduling conflict and then a death in our PT's family, so it's been a whole week with no Lisa. Hopefully adding in the yoga will still keep him loose for her, but he didn't cooperate too much with that on Friday either. He was a little bit fussy, but I'm beginning to think he was more hungry and didn't want to stretch out. He did enjoy the bouncing-on-my-leg part, but other than that got a little finicky.

Next week we have OT and start swimming! That should be great for him, even though I have to get into a bathing suit. He loves the pool so I am pretty sure I wont have too many problems for him there. Apparently though, they keep the pool at 90 degrees, so I will probably want to come home and take a little nap.

At Michael's soccer game today he was very intense on watching the game - Michael yelled from the field, "Mom! Brady's watching!" He followed them up and down the field while sitting on my lap. At halftime he got fussy and I tried to feed him or stand him up, but not much worked. When the game started 10 minutes later, he sat right down and watched again! Amazing! That's all he wanted in the first place - to watch the game. Good thing - as a brother to Michael he'll be doing for years to come in all seasons.

That pretty much covers everything that's been going on lately - we have our year visit in a few short weeks and we'll see then if he's gained much more weight. He is definitely getting taller, as some of his clothes (thank god!) or FINALLY getting a little too short or stretched too far.

I'm in a funk ~ I'll try to corral my thoughts and write more later.


Nancy said...

I'm so sorry about Brady's calcium level. I hope they can give you a solution that isn't as frustrating as the problem is while keeping his weight up.

Maybe Brady will be a soccer player someday like his big bro. :)


Lisa R said...

That sucks about the calcium,good thing he liked the fruit. How cute he must have been watching the soccar game. Tatum loves to watch other kids too.

Kati said...

Oh, the calcium-level! I hope you can solve this problem soon, and Brady gains weight!!! It's a fortune that Brady loves fruits!!! Szabi doens't like them, only when I nearly pureed it, this is a big challenge for me to get him to eat fruits in pieces!!!
I wish I'd see Brady and his brother at the soccer game!!! they could be sooooooo sweet!

Love, Kati

Aspen said...

After almost a year, Daven am still struggling with food issues. I can't seem to get that child to eat anything! Keep it up with the food. He will be digging in soon.

Amy K said...

Ugh, calcium concerns. Avery is on Calcilo, a low calcium formula and that has done the trick on keeping her calcium levels managable. I do give her small amounts of ice cream and yogurt...that is her only diary input for the day. Don't worry about keeping Brady on formula, not a big deal, keeping him healthy and chubby is more important! Keep up the good work! Email me if you want to talk calcium...

susan rohde said...


Jaxson just stopped being on Calcilo (the formula Amy mentioned) and we have some extra cans. If you would like I can mail them to you. The formula is VERY expensive and since we didn't qualify for any sort of assistance we spent a lot of money on it and I would hate for it to go to waste. Let me know!