Wednesday, November 29, 2006

He likes me - he really likes me!

He DOES like me!!

For you non-WS parents out there, your baby cooing and caring that you are holding him is foreign to many WS parents. (Not all - but many.) I hear as the WS child grows, he starts to care more that his mother has left the room, or his father left the house. They start to care where their parents are. Right now hen people want to hold Brady and ask if he would mind, it's a definite "Um, go right ahead - he doesn't care if I'm not holding him". It's not a pity-seeking answer - it's the truth. He can be held from one person to the next and not realize or care if it's me.

Now, my mother might disagree with that statement. She says, "of course he knows you." But, really, he doesn't. She should tell me that he does care- it is her job as the mother after all. But now, at age 13 months, I feel like he is starting to care. He is waking up at midnight or so just to say hi. Isn't doing it to get up and eat. This boy who would before lay and look at the mobile for what seems like hours if I let him all of a sudden will chill out with me, stare at me, look for me. Maybe a little early Christmas present? :)


Lisa R said...

Tatum is suddenly missing me more these days too :)

Nicole said...

We often describe Emerson as a cat. She is definitely more aloof and we really have to earn her affections. We work, work, work to get her to smile and interact with us. The other day she grabbed my face and pulled me in and licked (yes, licked my cheek) and, of course, I just melted.

Aspen said...
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Aspen said...

Oh Kerry that is such an amazing feeling. For me, the lack of concern has been one of the hardest things to swallow. But after slowly seeing a change in him, I can honestly say now, that he knows who I am...and wants to be with me. I am loving every bit of it as I know you will too!


Amy K said...

Trust me gals, your little ones know when you are or are not there. They turn their heads to your voice, and feel safe when you are there. It won't be long before they are tugging at your pant leg and stretching their arms out for a mommy hug!

Nancy said...

Everybody told me Erik would come around and notice if I was there or not, but I had to see it for myself. I now get a great big smile and MOM-MEEEEE!

It will happen to you, too!