Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Slow and steady win the race

It's been a week... and I have to say the changes are definitely there. Brady didn't stand up and start walking with this new brushing program, but there were definitely changes that have coincidentally happened since we started brushing.

His alertness has magnified; his tracking with and without noise is perfect; his eating has GREATLY improved; his sleep schedule has solidified (I can say now having unbroken sleep that I was sleep deprived); he is reaching out for toys; he is making all the googly faces with his mouth, including biting down; and the list goes on that only a mother could tolerate. :)

I finally feel like he is "growing", that he is making milestones. His tone is still very low, but it is obviously getting better all the time. We're not "there" yet... I still am having a hard time buying Christmas presents because he doesn't really need anything. He still has the toys from last Christmas that he may actually be ready for THIS year. But it has rejuvernated me. I feel like we are finally moving forward a bit. With me, it really is the small things. I only need a little encouragement and it lasts for a long time (maybe that's why I'm Brady's mom!).

Tomorrow we go to the nutritionist for a follow-up; and since we'll be at Children's Hospital Brady will get his calcium testing. It will be the first calcium test since switching him to Calcilio formula.


Nancy said...

I am so happy to hear things are going well! You made my evening!

Good luck with your appointment!

Sue said...

That is awesome about Brady! Let me know how the calcium check goes. I'll be thinking of you guys!

Aspen said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is great news. The weight gain is also huge. Way to go! Glad to hear it is helping. That smile may be just around the corner. Keep your camera handy!

MARGARET said...