Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today is NOT the day

Today is December 6.

December 6, 2006.

Today was supposed to be the day Brady smiled.

Grandma asked the geneticist in September if Brady would ever smile. "Absolutely!" she said, smiling, in fact. "I can guarantee it. I can't give you a date, like December 6, but he definitely will."

So, of course, Grandma and I decided that Brady would smile on December 6. He's been doing some side smiles, but mostly just playing with his mouth. His eyes light up and his face scrunches into some kind of happy-face when you tickle the top of his chest, but it's not a smile.

His face is very symmetrical when he yells at his PT when he's mad at her. So it seems he has the ability in some ways. His Speech Therapist said his low tone is accountable for it all... and it's still very low. He's getting better and better... always good reports from his therapists. Just... not....there....yet.

Even though I was hoping for a better outcome today, in general I am not bothered too much by Brady's delays. When my mother was potty-training my brother, the doctor told her, "Don't worry, by the time he goes to kindergarten he'll be trained." (sorry, Josh!) It's not the exact same with Brady - but it's pretty close. The docs and therapists say he will walk, talk, smile. Knowing that he will has eased my mind on when. I do have my moments though - especially on this smiling thing. And once in awhile I get annoyed with those passer-byers who comment on how little he is, or what he's not doing even though he's one. I did have one mother comment for many sentences on how little Brady is for a one-year-old. We were in the doctor's office. I friend of mine said I should have freaked out to the woman, "Oh my, REALLY?? Oh, no! Let me go get the doctor! Oh no!" I do have an evil grin on my face right now, but only because the woman went on and on and on...

But today, December 6, should have been a little different. He's 14 months and three weeks old. When Brady was newly born he used to smile those gas smiles in his sleep. Apparently, it is a good thing that he did that - it means he CAN smile, his Speech Therapist said. His chubby little cheeks are weighing him down :)

And, on top of all this, Brady has his first ear infection in one ear. He's a very healthy kid, minus the William's, hernias, poor weight gain, and heart problems (haha). He had his first fever in his life yesterday for about an hour. He loves that sweet medicine, gobbled it up. In fact... that's probably why he didn't smile - he has an ear infection :)

(This pic is one of MANY trying to take Christmas pictures. Looks like I have a funny guy ~)


Aspen said...

Oh I love the new picture! Those boys are just so cute. I just wish I could help out in some way. I know had disheartening it can be to go day after day without seeing a smile on that precious face. Like you said, it WILL come. It will.

Love you Kerry!

Ange said...

Hmmmm......... I predict December 7th!!

Nancy said...

I am STILL waiting with you with great anticipation.

They told me Erik didn't smile because he wasn't happy. How stupid can you get? Of course, now we know the real reason.

I just wish you didn't have to wait so long...but like you said, it WILL happen. I have yet to see one WS kid who doesn't smile all of the time!

You rock!

Kati said...

Szabi smiled at normal time (6-7 weeks?), but he isn't in better or worse condition as other ws-child in his age... So: smiling is a good thing for mom and dad, but it really doesn't mean anything :DDDDDDDD I hope Brady soon has a big smile for you, it would be a really nice christmas-present!!!!

Love, Kati

Amy K said...

Smile or not, he is super-wonderful-awesome and cute! Kerry, I know this smile thing has to be driving you batty, where is he hiding it?!?! As WS mommies we wait so long for things to happen, but when it does it will be the best day of your life, whether is is Dec 6 or Jan 6, it will be special, for you have waited way too long my friend. What a mean joke the universe is playing on you, to have this happy child who can't show it on the outside. But he is happy on the inside so keep up the good work and keep massaging those big gigantic cheeks of his!

Amy K said...

P.S. Can you send me your address? It is xmas card time~

Lisa R said...

I can't wait to see the full on smile, come on Brady I think he is messing with us :) The boys are both so handsome, I would never have guessed that they are brothers...LOL yeah right :P