Friday, December 08, 2006

We were wrong - it was December 7!

I DO have a funny guy!

Last night, Michael had his homework on the sidetable in the dining room. He kept walking back and forth from the dining room table to the table that had his homework. The table that had his homework was behind Brady in his highchair. Michael would be talking and Brady would try to look up, over his seat, to see his big brother. Michael walked back and forth, with Brady's eyes set on him each time Michael was next to him. At one point, Michael stood next to Brady and Brady started talking to him..... then smiled!!

This was a purposeful smile, not some gas thing or chewing the inside of his mouth thing. This was witnessed by me, his father and his brother. Then... he did it again! By the time I raced back with the camera, he was all done. We kept encouraging him, "Brady! Brady!" No chance. He kept his eyes on Michael and looked at us like we were crazy. :)

So, needless to say, Angela was right - December 7. He hasn't done it again... but I finally feel it is not too far off where he'll be smiling all the time. And it will probably always be tied to Michael in some way, as that boy makes me smile too.

I think I will now put Brady's name on the William's Syndrome Foundation site with the notation that he didn't smile until 14 months so other mothers don't go crazy like me... although I have lived here (in crazyville) for a while and know my neighbors well. (haha) I remember feeling a little relieved when I read one baby didn't smile until he was 9 months.. of course, then that came and went and here we still were. Not anymore though! Yahoo! :)


Nancy said...

I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face wearing a great big smile.

I'm so incredibly happy.


Lisa R said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOO Ok grab the camrea we all want to see how cute that thing is :)I bet you are on cloud nine...

Love ya,

sue said...

Didn't expect to be crying at 6 am. HOORAY for all of you!What a nice early Christmas present!

Aspen said...

HE SMILED! HE SMILED! My tears of joy are falling! It was worth the wait! Kerry, that is so amazing. I cannot wait to see the pictures of that beautiful smile. Keep that camera handy!


Teresa & Shawn said...

Yea!! Clare gave her first smile to Jamie. There's just something about big brothers. What a great early Christmas present!!

Stefanie said...

What better gift is that of one son smiling at another and the whole family watching. Yeah Brady! Now to catch it on film so we can all see that smile!

Amy K said...

That little Stinker! Now that we know he can do it, he better cough up some more for a great pic on the blog!!!!! I can't wait to see it. Oh happy day for Kerry and dad!!!!

Nicole said...

You are right, what a funny little guy. He probably had it in him all day on the 6th, but just thought he would pull a fast one and wait till the 7th. Love it! Can't wait to see the first photo of his beautiful smile.

Kati said...

HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had such a great day because of this first big smile!!!!!!!!!! Keep your camera close, I want to see him smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))

Love, Kati