Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo... how about you, you, you...

We're in the last week before school starts so we're doing a few more fun things than normal. This is my bribery for Michael since we have to go to Children's on Thursday for the nutritionist appointment. (He'll probably get lunch out and the arcade for that visit!) Yesterday I took the boys and Michael's friend to Ang's house for swimming. After a lengthy nap, Brady came swimming too - he loved splashing and watching his buddy James thrash around.

Today we went to the zoo -- it is only 15 minutes or so from the house and when Michael was little I was a member, probably going once a week. It has a great playground and you can bring your own lunch, so even just to do something different we would head over there. I haven't gone in probably over a year, and so much has changed. It has definitely expanded, with fancier lunch areas and it even has a train that goes around the perimeter of the zoo.

This was Brady's first trip to the zoo, and he managed to sleep during most of it. I did get a couple of pics in and he got excited watching the pony show. He is enthralled by animals, which only gives Michael a better argument that we need a dog or cat. He follows their every movement and never seems to take his eyes off them. He doesn't seem scared, just interested.

In fact, he seems more interested in EVERYTHING. The big joke around here was that there was never a need for Brady to crawl, because he wasn't really interested in going anywhere, getting anything, going towards something or someone. Now, he spends some time laying on the floor rolling around to his toys... still not always purposeful, but definitely a little more thought-provoking. He has become very vocal, and I am wondering if his now-daily habit of three meals a day of baby food has helped bring that along. He's still not interested in chewing harder food; he will sometimes just put things in his mouth that's presented to him(like a chip or popsicle) but then just get the taste. Hey, we've gotta start somewhere!

I feel like I am getting to know Brady a bit better. You know right when babies are born they kind of just hang around, they are just "there"? For me, Brady was like that for a long time - he only showed real emotion when he was hungry and that was it. He was freakin' adorable and snuggable, but.... there wasn't a lot of else there. He has definitely "woken up". He is determined. He is playful --loves Peek-a-boo. He hates Mixed Vegetables -- and this is hard to figure out if you have a WS kid- you don't know if they don't LIKE something, CAN'T eat it, or CAN'T tolerate it. It's a major move! :) He gets excited. He smiles.

Ahh.... he smiles.... who'da thought I would be taking that for granted now?? Just read my first 100 posts :) :)


Heather said...

kerry, I know what you mean about getting to know them when they are babies. With my other kids I sort of bonded instantly. With Caleb it took so much longer. Pretty much until he stopped crying and actually started getting a personality. I feel bad for saying that, but Cale wasn't a particularly cuddly baby.(all different now) He has def. made up for all of that.
It looks like Brady has the natural mohawk like caleb did. Caleb was born a punk!:) You're lucky you have a zoo so close ~ Take care, Heather

Every minute counts.... said...

I am glad that you are getting the smiles! They really do make your day. It is the little things in life:)....


Nancy said...

We all waited for that smile to come. I'm so glad that it did!

You look great!

Amy said...

Just you wait, the older they get, the more extreme our little WS kiddos can be. From distress to happy in mere millaseconds. Avery has been slow going in the personality dept. as well. Always smiley and social, but still seemed closed up. Not so much anymore.

Wow, you are making great strides with Brady's feeding, good news!!!! Great reson to celebrate, that is super awesome girl!

Laura said...

It sounds like he's doing so well!
Michaela LOVES the zoo, too.

Tara said...

Sounds like he is doing great! I remember thinking it took me a long time to get to know Payton - for her personality to shine through. I'm so glad you are seeing the smiles now!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for your comment - and yes please feel free to share my post if you want!

Sounds like Brady's personality is really starting to come through - that must be so exciting!