Thursday, August 09, 2007

One day, two six-year olds were having lunch...*

Trey (eyeing his brother's Cheetos): "You know, Luke, there's carrots in Cheetos."
Luke: "No there isn't!"
Trey: "Yeh - why do you think they are orange?"
Luke: "Mom! Is there carrots in the Cheetos?"
Mom (nearby, who is trying not to laugh): "No, Luke, there are no carrots in Cheetos. They have cheese in them. I think that's what makes them orange." ("that, or some chemical," Mom muses to herself...)
Luke: "So there...."

After Trey watches Mom walk into the kitchen, Trey says to Luke: "You know, Luke, I read in a book one time, 'Some cheese is made out of carrots.' "
Luke: "Mom!"
Mom (eyeing Trey suspiciously): "So, you read that in a book, Trey?"
Trey (trying not to laugh): "Yeh, I read it in a book, Mom."

* This is a true story. The names have not been changed.


Margaret said...

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because he wasn't peeling well!!

My five year old (ok, so tomorrow she'll be 5) needs to hear this joke everytime she gets hysterical... it's the only thing that will make her happy again...

Heather said...

That is a pretty funny conversation. I have heard many like it from my kids. Oh boy...

Every minute counts.... said...

Don't you just love kids. They are so funny and don't even mean to be!!


Katie said...

out of the mouthes of babes....
I will have to tell my 4yr old that Banana joke -im sure he will LOVE it.. ~groan~

Aspen said...

HAHAHA! Kids are so funny. I just love their sense of humor.

Laura said...

Too funny!
Oh, and yes, you are only an hour away, so come by for some "pool therapy" anytime!