Friday, April 11, 2008

MRI Update

So this is what it feels like... to leave a doctor who says we don't need to see him again except for consults :) We still see every doctor we have been introduced to... now we are EX-neuro patients!

The MRI came back fine, everything looked "normal" with no problems. They were looking for more of a reason other than WS why Brady was delayed, also a reason for his hypertonia. It's all WS, baby! The doc said we can come back in a year, or he can just be our contact person for neuro if we ever have a need, or if Brady develops issues.

I will leave you all with those good thoughts and leave the horrid school day to tomorrow's post ;)

Thanks for all the well wishes!


Nancy said...

I am finally caught up with you now! Glad you hear they didn't find anything extra on the MRI.

Hoping you get to enjoy some spring weather. It has finally hit here!

Will be thinking of you during Brady's Walk. Let's pray for sun!

Laura said...

Whew....a huge sigh of relief!
It's soooo great to hear good news!

Stefanie said...

Yeah Brady and family!!! That is some great news and you all deserve it. It will be nice for you to start decreasing your trips to Children's! :)

Julie said...

Great news!!

Michelle said...

that is such wonderful news!

Teresa & Shawn said...

YEA - love to cross those doctors off!

Every minute counts.... said...

Wonderful news.


Penny said...

There's nothing like crossing a Specialist off your list! great news!

Amy said...

Love this news. Getting rid of docs rocks!