Sunday, April 06, 2008

We have all made changes in our life based on our children. We don't always stay up too late because we know we have to be up with them the next day. We may forgo a nicer restaurant because they don't have Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets on the menu. We may have to take a break from driving a long distance so people can go potty. We watch our language, watch our friend's language, try to set a good example.

Those of us with WS kids may make other changes. Some forgo noisy environments. Some forgo crowded establishments. Some forgo places too bright, too dark, too many flashing lights. Some of these may be the same for typical kids as well, but I know with having both a typical kid and a WS kid, I would take a chance on some things with Michael and definitely not with Brady.

I know what Brady needs; for example, if he gets upset, he likes to stretch out. I have been known to lay him on any floor, germs furthest from my mind - hey, isn't that how we build up our immunities? LOL. I do have my limits, like the movie theatre floor would be a stretch for me. But we purposely sit on the edge aisle in church so he can sit on the carpet if he needs to. We don't interrupt or bother anyone else and it gives him a little more room.
Brady isn't bothered by loud noises, so we can bring him to the movies without a problem. He is actually really good, not a peep, and I can sit with him in the stroller and feed him a pudding if need be. At church, he only gets startled by the bells the altar boys ring at one point in mass. I am now an expert on detecting when that is; I slowly start patting Brady's head a minute or so before, then put my hands over his ears when they ring. Doesn't even flinch now!
He loves watching people and animals. I rarely go to the store without him because he is so interested in everything around him. There goes my few moments by myself so Brady can have some interaction. I used to have to get certain shopping carts, though, so he wouldn't slide out of the seat (thank you, low muscle tone).

I really noticed all this today when we were late to church and missed our usual seat. We almost sat down in a pew when I realized we didn't have that little spot for Brady to stretch out in, or even any room for him to stand, which is his other passion. We quickly maneuvered over and sat a few rows behind our regular seat, which also had that little spot for him. Phew! We would be able to stay.

Some things we do automatically (leave the house, make sure he has his blankie, milk, diapers) and some we learn as we go along (five, four, three, two, one.. cover his ears... NOW!). Some we learn by the great advice we get (thank you, mommies!).


Ava Jewel Leilani said...

Yes, thank you for all of your great advice!

Julie said...

Wow you guys have done the movies? I keep meaning to take Noah by myself just to see how he does. I am just afraid he will be very loud, as he tends to be often.

Every minute counts.... said...

Funny how you adapt and don't realize it until you think about it because something is out of your routine. :) I've noticed things like that here and there for us too.


Heather said...

Glad you are back. Brady is doing great! Cute as ever!!!
How did the MRI turn out? Any results yet? Take care Kerry!

Tara said...

Great post - you are so right...we all adjust. So glad you were able to post!! (I'm so glad Brady doesn't have sensitive ears!!)

Nicole said...

Hmmm, that is so true Kerry! I think about the little things that I naturally do for Emerson just to make our day go by smoothly. I don't even realize it, it's so natural now. Love your little man, thanks for posting the cute pic of him.

Laura said...

Love the picture. He's just so cute.

Funny, I caught myself saying "step up" and "step down" or "watch where you're going" at every curb when we were in Boston last week. So I thought to myself, "stop saying it, she's almost 9" and of course when I did, she tripped on the curb!

Teresa & Shawn said...

It just goes to show what a great mom you are, Kerry! It's the little daily sacrifices for our kids that make us moms!