Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!!

It is the cherished boy's birthday! We celebrated last week with a party with friends and family, so when his actual birthday came, I was like, "Oh... should we sing to him again??" Tom and I were coming home from Maine and Michael wasn't even home til dinnertime from camping with the Boy Scouts, which is when Tom had left to watch the Sox (boo hoo... don't get me started on that!).

But I do want to mention to people out there who have babes younger than three and wondering when their development will start coming... BOOM! These past six months have been an incredible change of tides for Brady and I want people to NOT worry... it happens! Brady has such low tone and was (is) behind everyone, WS and not, it seems like I would never be able to utter those words.

So, congratulations, little buddy on hitting yet another milestone and working so hard :) Now we're off to a new adventure, with preschool and therapies AT school... no more home visits

:( We will miss everyone.

Next up: Brady's first day of preschool!!!


Tara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADY!!!!!! After Payton turned three, I noticed huge changes in her speech. I have to agree with you - big things happen around three years old :) Hope Brady had a great day!!

Laura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY big guy!!!!
Can't wait to hear about how pre-school went.

I've noticed with Michaela that skills don't gradually appear....they just happen all at once. It's like she watches everyone around her, gets it down in her brain, then just does it.

As for the's a date, just name the day & time!!

Michelle said...


Noel said...

How I missed your newest post, I haven't a clue!

Happy belated birthday Brady!! Can't wait to hear about your first day at preschool.

Nancy said...


Congratulations on all of that progress!