Thursday, October 02, 2008

What we've been up to

I have lots to talk about, but I will break it up in a few sessions. I was intending to do the "31 for 21" challenge again and post every day in October, but I don't see it happening! (Especially since it is already October 2!) In a nutshell (and with pictures!), here's what's been going on:

Brady has been getting quite interactive and movable! He does gravitate towards his toys more, and into things where he might get stuck (yes, he was stuck in the toy box but I had to take a picture first before I helped him out!)

We had Music Therapy with our friends Lucien and Coleman, both with WS. We're getting quite a little gang going on here - I think they are beginning to interact with each other more. Although they are both two, Coleman and Lucien are developmentally ahead of Brady, and hanging out with them has certainly helped him.
We went to the zoo with Angela, James and Ben on a glorious September afternoon. The deer followed us like a pack of dogs as we walked through the deer park.

Funny little guy, Brady has quite the personality and hardly sits around anymore "like a lump" as I used to call it.
We had to go pick up popcorn for the Cub Scouts fundraiser - packed to the gills!
Upcoming posts include Brady's early birthday party and his IEP meeting! Stay tuned, I promise it will be soon :)


Ange said...

Great pictures - he's becoming such a little man! We had a great time at his party. James slept very well that night so thanks for that also!!!

Amy said...

wow he looks fabulous. Gosh he is getting that, finally!! Just you wait til he gets into the terrible toddler phase, eh gads. What you wished for and even more!

Laura said...

LOVE the picture of him stuck in the toy box!!!!
Sounds like he's really doing great.
We are definately coming to the Halloween party. Looking forward to seeing you!

Heather said...

What gorgeous eyes!

Nancy said...

Brady is starting to look a LOT like his big bro! He is growing up!

Aspen said...

I loved the toy box picture! HAHA Very funny. He looks so great and sounds like is getting a little stronger everyday.