Monday, January 01, 2007

Scenes from a January house

I look around the office and see discarded Santa wrapping paper in the trash, along with a 2006 desk calendar and after-Christmas bargains stacked on the back shelf.... yep, it's January 1st!

The living room is picked up, the corner where the treee stood is now replaced with a new Exersaucer and soft shake rattles. New DVDs and toys align the shelves that line the perimeter of the room and the rug is vacuumed awaiting for the three therapists who will converge upon the house tomorrow.

The dining room is awash with toys and boxes, cat treat bags and Moon Shoes sit on the table, Christmas books and videos await their final destination, along with stockings and Santa-themed decorations. The Snowman candles openly mock the Santa and Reindeer decorations, as the Snowmen know they are here until the end of January.

The kitchen is awkwardly out of place, with a clean sink and washed-down counters. The cookie jar is still three-quarters full, with snacks taken randomly as people pass by.

Two boys lay sleeping in a blue-lit room, an aquarium rotating a fish background illuminating the room. Carefully, sidestep around the mounds of toys and new clothes to see each one peaceful and at rest.


Nancy said...

Oooooh, you had me right there with you on that one. Gorgeous.

I so wish I could crash your house in the afternoons occasionally and have coffee with you. I'll even scrub a toilet or two!


Lisa R said...

Sounds like a calm moment...Like right before the storm....I guess the storm is when everyone wakes :)

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Mmmmm...sounds nice.

Aspen said...

Can I join you? It sounds like an amazingly peaceful day.

Kathleen said...

Wow - what planet do you live on? Because on my planet, its still loud, chaotic and in general, very disorderly!