Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today Brady started on Prevacid for silent reflux... still hasn't eaten a whole lot and if it continues I will have to go back to the pedi office. Sleeping a lot. Not cranky. Even babbling more. Strange child.

We also had Speech and PT. Our PT Lisa and I chatted about Brady's new condition, radioulnar synostosis. She and I practiced saying it over and over - I could spell it, but not say that second word. Anywho, to refresh your memories we found out about this condition in his arms through x-rays both she (the PT) and our OT agreed he needed. Lisa has been saying for months that no matter how much she works his arms, she couldn't get his arms past neutral... meaning she would stretch him out all over, but his arms would never go "palms up" (like receiving a High 5, getting communion, catching a ball, etc). After a duo consult with OT, she recommended Brady get x-rays of his arms from shoulder to wrist and also x-rays of his hips which were also tight.

Thankfully, his hips are fine, they will just continue to be stretched and worked. However, the x-rays did show he has his radius and ulna bones fused together in his forearms. Depending on severity, most people learn to adapt to not turning the arm -- and actually there are only 1 in 200,000 cases because there are so many undiagnosed because of the body's way of acclimating. Brady will probably just use his arm more to feed himself, write, etc. instead of turning his arm like we do. If it is something of a bigger problem later on then he would have surgery. There really is no PT work for this, other than help him do regular tasks not the way we do them. He picks up toys, grabs things, puts spoon to mouth already... so I don't really have too many fears about this.

I am thankful that I have such an amazing PT who caught something that is usually not diagnosed until a child is three. Brady has been blessed with such great therapists who have all gone above and beyond their duties to help him and me. I always sit and gab with them and I feel like they are all people I will be able to count on when I ever lose it. I know they are all dedicated because Brady is such a cute little bugger, but I hope they know how grateful I am for their brilliance and abilities. So, to Lisa, Tara and Vikki... thank you very much!

Tomorrow I will post pictures (if I get a new camera battery) of Brady trying on glasses. :) Stay tuned!


Nancy said...

Sigh. It's always something, isn't it! I'm sorry about the radioulnar synostosis. I haven't even heard of it, even in over a decade of medical transcription, some of it in physical medicine. I'm glad the PT caught it.

Thinking of you lots.


Teresa & Shawn said...

I hope the Prevacid works for Brady. It's been a miracle drug for Clare so far.

Sorry about the new diagnosis. It is always something. Just when you think it's all under control (somewhat!)....