Sunday, February 04, 2007

How cute is this kid!

Here's Mr. Brady Farrell... how cute is he??!?!?!

We've had an interesting few days here. On Friday I brought Brady to the doctor in the afternoon because I was concerned he might have another ear infection. He had a very low temp since the day before and wasn't eating a lot. Brady NEVER gets temps, and although he didn't have one with his last ear infection, I figured it was the day before the weekend and get him in in case it was something bigger.

When we got to the doctor's office, they took his temp and it was 103 degrees. First off the doctor said Roseola (sp?) was going around, which was a fever for a few days then a rash. As she's mentioning this, she pushes down on his right side and he makes a face. After a few more prods and a thorough exam, she looks at me and slowly mentions how rare it is for a baby Brady's age to have appendicitis --she's only seen one in 10 years-- but we both shake our heads and know if anyone is going to break those odds it will be Brady. He's already gunning for the award in "who-can-beat-these-odds".

Before she decided whether to have us drive to Children's Hospital for a MRI, we wait so Brady can do a urine sample to rule out a UTI. Negative. She tries to get a local doctor to do an ultrasound. Already gone. After debating for a few minutes, she lets us go home with her cell phone number in my hand to report back in a few hours and the pedi nurse (Brady's godmother) watching over us. We give Brady some Tylenol and head home where he instantly falls asleep.

I wake him up around 7:45 that night to readminister the Tylenol and try to feed him. Lo and behold, his temp before Tylenol is 100.3 and he eats a solid 2 ounces, babbles a bit even and hangs for a little while before going back to bed. When his nurse calls in, I report what he's done, and she mentions all Brady had to do in order not to go to the hosital, per the doctor's orders. Luckily it was everything Brady had done. Phew! We are good to stay put. He never ended up getting a temp again. I wouldn't have been too suprised if Brady was the second baby in 10 years to have appendicitis. Tom often mentions how this kid needs to gamble a bit because his odds are always on the money.

On Saturday we head in to pick up his glasses. They are made by Fisher Price and called "Teddy Bear" because there are outlines on the frames of very tiny teddy bears. Very cute - and our only choice, too. Brady's opthamologist stated very explicitly that he should not have nose pads, which all the child wire frame glasses had. But these looked adorable, and I was amazed he did not try to pull them off. When we first put them on, he shut his eyes, then opened them and looked all around. He has always been interested in looking around, but now he has a "wow - what is THAT" look on his face. We have noticed he is keeping his head straight, whereas before he always tilted it (to align his eyes to get in focus, the doctor said).

At church this morning he was the center of attention, people smiling his way and others just stopping in their tracks to mention his cuteness. The frames sit low on his nose, too, and the glass makes his eyes look very big. He doesn't seem to complain too much yet, but I know it is the early days and things may change.

While Brady doesn't seem sick --in fact his sleep pattern has gotten better -- he is still not eating very much. I definitely think the Prevacid is working. He sleeps for longer stretches now, and that started the day we started Prevacid. I'm giving him a few more days of this low eating, then I am going into the doctor's. I figure he must have had some bug to have that high temp and maybe he wouldn't want to eat too much if he was sick. But in a few days that should be gone, if it isn't now, and he should be eating well again. I'd hate to think that the good weight gains was just a phase for the past few months and now he's back to not eating as much. Hopefully that will start to rectify itself.

In the meantime, I will just stare at this little cutie... :)


Stefanie said...

Oh my gosh, I could eat him up. How stinkin' cute is Mr. Brady!!! I am so glad that it wasn't his appendix or anything else for that matter. You all could use a break. :)

Lisa R said...

OMG I LOVE IT THAT IS THE CUTIEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad that Brady is ok you all really do need a break... I thinkm he is going ot be the center of attention for a while with those specs and all :)

Nancy said...

Yay, Mr. Brady! I'm glad you are on the mend and you look so cute in those glasses. The coolest people wear glasses!

Keep getting well! We love you!

Nancy & Erik

Teresa & Shawn said...

Adorable. How can you not love that face?? (With or without glasses.)

Nicole said...

I mean, come on. It does not get any cuter than that.

I started reading your post thinking, "You have to be kidding, APPENDICITIS!!! Thank goodness that wasn't it. You guys do need a break. Thank goodness you got it.

Aspen said...

OH I LOVE IT! How precious is he? I just want to pick him up and give him a giant hug and kiss. Just precious!

Kim, Grandma to Ava,ws said...

Ditto. He's always been cute, but the glasses just make him adorable! I am so glad he didn't have appendicitis. You definitely deserve a break!