Sunday, February 11, 2007

He's not heavy, he's my brother...

There's been a lot of chatter about siblings of our WS children on the blogs. We've all gotten to know Michael, Jamie, Simon ;), Emma, Ella and others through their antics with our families.
Michael is eight and LOVES being a big brother... he would have five more siblings if we let him. As it is, he adopts all the other lil' ones... he kept playing peek-a-boo at the Pinewood Derby with our Den Leader's daughter, who is four. He has a compassion and understanding for little kids and will be a great big brother for Brady as Brady gets older. I don't think he understands right now how different Brady will be --well, neither do we -- but I do think he can handle it. And for being an only child for so long - seven years - we really haven't had any jealousy episodes -- I think he is just very happy Brady is here.
He is always giving him hugs and kisses and wants to hold him. He tells people Brady always wakes him up, but a bulldozer doesn't wake Michael up so I don't know what he's talking about. :)

The brown-haired cutie patootie with Michael is his two-year-old cousin Jack.
(Of course, in the middle of this entry I have to stop and reprimand Michael because he's being obnoxious with his friend and I have to grit my teeth and finish this. Argh!)
As Brady gets older we are noticing he is looking more like Michael... he's even getting his ultra-blonde hair. Michael is the first person Brady smiled at, and Brady is always looking for him when he hears his voice. I think Michael will have a little shadow as Brady grows up.


Nancy said...

What a nice tribute to siblings and your sons. They are so handsome and getting SO BIG!

Kathleen said...

I LOVE these pictures - its amazing how Brady is looking right into the camera. Do you think its from the glasses (and he sees where the camera is now) or just him getting a little older?

Nicole said...

What great photos!! Your boys are both adorable, although I'm sure Michael would prefer strong and handsome. ;)

Michael is such a great kid. Thanks for letting us get to know him a little better. How great Brady had such a fun, caring big brother. Lucky boys to have each other.

Lisa R said...

know I know what you are talking about yu deleted the comment I left and the whole thinkg got it. Love the pics... the one of you especially ;)

Kati said...

You moved me with this sibling-thing :)))))
I need another baby to have Szabi a sibling :DDDDD NOW!!!! :))))

Love, Kati