Saturday, February 17, 2007

Prevacid anyone?

Just checking in on Prevacid for those who use it... can you tell me your child's experience? Brady was doing great at first on it, but I can't tell if it's not working or because of cold symptoms he has right now. We are giving it to him once a day in the morning. Is nighttime better? More than once?
Don't worry.. I will ask the doc too! But I was just wondering other's experiences... thanks!!!!
Here is one of Brady's pics from his photo shoot the other day. We may need to get the glasses fitted again, they ride a little tight. His hair will never cooperate!!


Nancy said...

Yes, we are Prevacid takers.

Erik takes one dose with breakfast and one at night. One dose a day did not control his reflux.

Cute photo!

Lisa R said...

we took prevacid for a whil;e but i noticed no change so i have not given it to her in about 9m... I think she is fine though

very cute pic

Teresa & Shawn said...

Oh my goodness, he looks like such a little man!

Clare takes her Prevacid in the morning. We use the soluble tabs, so I just put one in a syringe, pull up some water, shake, and give it to her. She has been on it for a few weeks now and I think it works wonders. Like I said before, within a day of her starting on Prevacid, Clare's 6-week eating strike was over. She has been eating like a champ (and gaining weight) ever since. She did stop eating for a day or two last week, which had us worried. Then I noticed she finally had a molar break through. Now she's back to eating again.

Nicole said...

What a cute picture of Brady. How do you not kiss those cheeks all day.

No prevacid for us. We used to take Zantac for about 5 months, but we went off 2 months ago and had no change in behavior. She was diagnosed with reflux before we had the WS diagnosis. I think we (and Emerson's pediatrician) were just looking for something to explain the fussy eating and non-stop crying. Two of my friends babies are on prevacid and they give it twice a day.

Kati said...

We have no Prevacid, but I hope finally you find the right dosage and it helps!
What a cute pic of Brady!!!! I love this little man with his glasses :)))))))))


Aspen said...

Not Prevacid takers here. Sorry.

But I DO LOVE the new pictures. He is just precious!