Saturday, December 22, 2007

The bloodwork is back and for the most part, everything is relatively normal. Calcium is back to 10.2, from 10.6 two weeks ago (I stopped giving him yogurt every day - every other day is fine, apparently). The only thing that is puzzling to his doctor, is that his magnesium and phosphorus levels are elevated. His doc found this a little weird and asked me to check with the nutritionist if there are certain foods he should avoid. I reminded her that we just started vitamin drops since we are off the Enfamil now, and she said that might be a reason for the elevations. So we stopped the vitamins until I talk to the nutritionist and his next round of bloodwork in a month.

Anyone else have these weird elevations?


Michelle said...

I'm not familiar with those results or anything, but glad to hear for the most part everything came back ok.

Merry Christmas!

Tara said...

I'm glad the bloodwork is back and the calcium level is down. I'm not sure on the other levels....we've not had that before. Hopefully someone else in the bunch can help you out there.

Have a great Christmas!

Penny said...

You might want to check with the Doctor on the vitamin drops. From everything I have read, we are not suppossed to give our kids any kind of vitamins or citamin supplements

Penny said...

Hi Kerry,

Just wanted to share this with with you about vitamins. It came from the Williams Sydrome Association website.

Just trying to look out for our little ones....hope you don't mind....


"Do not give multivitamin preparations to children with WS because of the potential deleterious effects of vitamin D. Recommend diligent use of sunscreen to minimize autologous production of vitamin D."

Kerry said...

Thanks Penny! Please ALWAYS share your info! Thanks!