Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deep in the holiday rush of shopping, decorating, and caroling -- not to mention planning our January trips to Kentucky for Dr. Mervis and Children's Hospital Boston two weeks later for THEIR clinic -- we had to re-do Brady's bloodwork. Brady had his blood drawn about two weeks ago in one gigantic crying fit, screaming so bad he got the pitiki (sp?) rash on his arms. Normally, Brady is not a screamer; he does a huge cry when he gets injected then chills out. He started crying when he was being held down to get a vein and then it escalated. Well, his bloodwork came back completely abnormal, some tests not making sense because one part was fine, another was off, etc. After his pediatrician spoke to Brady's nutritionist, cardiologist, neurologist and geneticist, she decided on Tuesday to have Brady re-do the bloodwork and then we would go from there. Easier said then done.

After his pedi stated to re-do the bloodwork, Children's added a few tests to it and asked for Brady to fast beforehand. So, yesterday, we arrived at the pediatric lab close to home at 8 a.m. for his bloodwork, before his first bottle. He came in his pajamas and was pretty content. Of course, he did not stay that way. The phlebotomist handling the injections has done Brady before lickety-quick, so I wasn't too concerned about her abilities. She got a nurse in the other lab to help, as this little strong guy always needs two people to withdraw blood, mother not included. She was able to find a vein, but since he hadn't drank anything, his veins were even smaller than normal, which is hard enough as it is. She fished in both arms before she stopped, poor Brady screaming, of course. I stopped her from fishing after 30 seconds, as I know how that feels -- not too nice! I didn't want him to get a huge bruise, knowing we would probably have to repeat the process to get the bloodwork, and it wasn't helping anyway.

So today we try again. The good news is that I can give him his bottle, and just before he needs the next one is when I will do the bloodwork. The pedi office said that if we can't get the bloodwork with him fasting, oh well! We'll do it anyway. I'm not sure why Children's needs him to fast - I don't think we are testing Brady's cholesterol! LOL. We have his opthamologist appointment this morning, where I'm pretty sure she will try to schedule surgery for Brady's strabismus. I am definitely not doing THAT until February, at least. I don't think I can add one more thing in January.

It's so... ANNOYING when you are just going about your business, living life and then BAM! something bites you and the fact that your child needs this special attention is plain in your face. It's things like the screaming child doing bloodwork (I hope that's not how it is going to be from now on! He is two now so maybe he is figuring out what is going to happen at the lab.) that makes me shake my head and curse WS for putting my child through this. But I also had to go to two stores to find candy canes to bring to the Cub Scout Pack Meeting that did not have a peanut allergen warning for my older son.

It's all in that lovely game called MOTHERHOOD, much like Monopoly. Wanna play??? Instead of drawing the card that says "Go to Jail, Go Directly to Jail", you get sent to Motherhood Guilt Factory when your child tells you "You're mean!" Instead of landing on a hotel and paying the next player, you get to pay doctor bills. Instead of landing on a utility company and paying four times your die, you get to change four diapers in an hour because of diarrhea. Instead of collecting $200 for passing Go... you get hugs and kisses and "I love yous". All right... I'll play! :)


Katie said...

Im sorry poor little Brady is having such an ordeal of this bloodwork :(
They made Jai fast once when they tested his Glucose level as he had an abnormal first result.
Hmm i believe you should market that version of monopoly...
Good luck with the next bloodwork attempt and the eye appointment, xxoo

Tara said...

Oh, I hate the bloodwork. I hope the next attemtp goes much better.

And - I'm with you - I'll play this motherhood game any day!!!

Have a great Christmas!

Julie said...

I hope things go okay today. As for the screaming Noah does horrible no matter what doctor we see. It is very stressful on both of us. Merry Christmas.

Nancy said...

Wow, do I hate blood draws. I have to fight back crying along with Erik.