Monday, December 31, 2007

It's been a crazy week, as I am sure it has been for everyone. Christmas has come and gone so quickly, although the toys piled in my house are a testament to the fact that Christmas was here. Plus the fact we are getting no sleep, what with playing Guitar Hero III every night til 11:30... does that make us bad parents??

On top of Christmas, we celebrated Tom's 40th birthday with a birthday weekend filled with events (what a great wife he has!), plus we have also been trying to gather together our things for our drive to Kentucky to see Dr. Mervis. We leave on Jan. 1. THEN, a week and a half from getting back from Kentucky, we are going to the Children's Hospital in Boston's WS clinic over three days. Phew!

One great big light from all this chaoticness will be hanging out with Lisa on our way home from Kentucky. Yeah! We are so very excited.

Oh yeah.. Christmas? We had an excellent day and Michael loved all his gifts. Brady's favorite ( I think) was his fleece blanket I bought at Bass Pro Shop... he kept pulling it up over his face to play peek-a-boo. :) And a little present for Tom was Brady's first real sucking from a straw. Of course it was Pepsi and now I think he is addicted... he definitely has a little sugar issue, methinks.


Laura said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas.

Have a safe drive to Kentucky and be sure to give Lisa and family a big hug from us!

Julie said...

Glad you had a good holiday. Lexi got guitar hero also. You are not a bad parent. I just wish I could get the hand of it enough to play it with her. I get to frustrated. Does Brady's eyes water when he drinks soda? Noah's do and it is so funny. Not that he gets it often. I don't really think he likes it. He also has a sugar issue, he inherited it from me. :) Have a safe trip. Happy New Year!!

Tara said...

Love the pics - looks like you all had a great christmas! Be careful going to KY - I'll be anxious to hear how it goes.

Nancy said...

Guitar Hero?! I am SO coming over to try that. Rock on!

I want a photo of you and Lisa and the kids! Together! Yay!

Wearing my Brady shirt today. :)

Penny said...

Have a very safe trip to Kentucky and good luck!

Connie said...

Love your blog! Thanks for your post to ours. I hope your visit in KY goes great. Looking forward to reading about it.

Every minute counts.... said...

We have being playing the Wii just as late. Good thing it is fatherly bonding time...that makes it okay right?!
Happy Birthday to Tom!

Abi loves pop too! Have a safe trip and have fun with Lisa!

Michelle said...

you have had a busy time! Cute pictures! Praying the trip is going well!

Heather said...

Kerry, I hope you are all having a great time! I can't wait to see pictures of Tate and Brady together!

Amy said...

Excellent news on the straw!!!! Hello straw sippies! I love it. Did you know we canceled on Louisville? Anyway, hope you have a safe and fun trip.