Friday, January 11, 2008

Ho hum

It's a dreary Friday here in the northeast - rain, rain and rain, plus thunder and lightening. This past week it was in the 50s and beautiful; a hint of spring to come. Oh well.

Our scheduled MRI for today has been postponed to January 22. Brady had a clear drippy nose this week, and while I thought it was nothing serious, I didn't need to drive to the hospital at 6:00 this morning, after displacing Michael somewhere else, to be told by the anesthesiologist they wouldn't put him under. Both the nurse I spoke to yesterday and I felt that was a strong possibility. It was the right decision, since I think he now definitely has a little cold brewing and Michael keeps blowing his own nose, too. We also cancelled Music Therapy for tomorrow for the same reasons, plus the other WS child coming over is going to see Dr. Mervis this week coming up and I certainly want him in top form.

So I am hibernating today and cleaning around the house, doing mounds more paperwork for the Children's Hospital in Boston clinic we are going to this week and more insurance papers... never ending. I dosed out some Tylenol to Brady and he is finally sleeping, hopefully for the next three hours. In fact, the rain is a welcome addition to the day, making it more reasonable that I've taken a shower but I'm wearing comfy pj bottoms and a sweatshirt. The only saving grace to a completely depressing day is going out with Ang tonight.

I keep reading lately from the other bloggy moms what a funk everyone is in right now. I feel it too. I love January because to me it was always a "clean sweep" type of month - clean out, throw away, start fresh. I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Not with the committees I am on, or even the new activities we are starting, like Michael's guitar lessons or Brady's music therapy. Just stuff at home. There's so much STUFF it is clouding up my aura! LOL I took a big trash bag to Michael's room today and am starting downstairs too. I used to love Flylady so I might need to venture that again (


Penny said...

Hopefully we will all feel better soon. It's been a rough few months.

Laura said...

It was definately a stay-at-home-in-your-pj's day, I couldn't believe the thunder & lightening!
I hope Brady doesn't come down with anything to bad.
Good luck at the clinic, I hope it all goes well and smoothly.
I love the flylady!

Julie said...

It was raining here yesterday too. I am the queen of pitching stuff out. If you were closer I would be right over with a box of trash bags.:)

Every minute counts.... said...

I will be heading to Dr. Mervis on Wed. so I hope to run into your friend there too! I talked to her breifly on the phone....

I hope that Brady feels better soon ( and Michael).


Ava Jewel Leilana said...

It has been a rough few months, except for the times I was taking Ava Jewel back and forth to her peditrican for the sniffles I lived in my PJs the month of December! Ava is so happy and makes me laugh all the time,which makes me hate the fact I have been in this funk (that we all seem to have been in) I really need to figure out another way to deal with this medical crap.

I hope all goes well!

Tara said...

I hope Brady gets feeling better. It does seem like everyone has been in a funk lately. hopefully we can all bounce out of it soon.