Monday, January 07, 2008

Kentucky Trip Part 1

Twenty-four hours home and it seems like it's been... twelve (considering I have not been able to get everything done on my "To Do" list, although most know how long my "To Do" lists usually are).

Let's start with the fun stuff - hanging out with Tatum, Emma, Lisa and Chris over the weekend was fabulous! I instantly felt at home with them, even though this was actually our first encounter "in person". They were wonderful and fun hosts and the kids had a blast... I know Michael loved all the extra attention Miss Emma laid on him, and Tom and Chris hit it off. I can't believe there is another guy out there like Tom! (I thought they DESTROYED the mold, LOL!)

We got in late Friday night and chatted til later... then on Saturday took a drive into downtown Frederick, Maryland and walked around. We were back in time to watch the Redskins lose (sorry, Chris!) and then Lisa and I went out to watch the Steelers lose! It was a sad day for those fans! Lisa and I hooked up with all her friends, who were really fun to hang out with. I even met a fellow Patriots fan, although I KNOW there are closet ones out there!

After brunch on Sunday we headed for home, promising to return soon. I know that will be an easy promise to keep... we'll do DC next time we're down there and maybe even get them up here to go to the Cape.

What was fun for me too was watching little Tater Tot move about the house, grin wickedly, eat EVERYTHING and play with all the toys around. She was so interested in watching people -- I think she and Tom had a staring contest -- and it was so cute how she would watch Brady tentatively play with a toy. I think Chris and Lisa will have their hands full with these two beauties of theirs. :)

Thanks, Lis for a FABULOUS time.... and although we may not DRIVE in January again, we will definitely be there soon :):):):)


Heather said...

Glad you all had a great time! Cute pictures!!!!

Julie said...

Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. It makes that long trip worth while.

Lisa R said...

I am glad you al lcame and had fun we did too...your missed so much already!!!! I love your pics we are going ot have to swap :) XOXO

Tara said...

I'm so glad you all had a good time! Wish we all lived close enough for everyone to get together!

Penny said...

I love the pictures

Michelle said...

how fun to have an IRL get together and meet some great friends! Looks like everyone just had a blast!