Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SO.... long story short, we have had to cancel the MRI that was scheduled for today and postpone the eye surgery for Feb. 5 because the ophthalmologist did not check "Needs Cardiac Anesthesiologist" on the form. This meant that cardiology needed to review the case, which they did and said Brady needed an echo before he goes under since it his last one was in September. It was a mistake, and the ophthalmologist did call me herself to apologize. She was surprised that the computer didn't catch it though, because she said with his cardiac issue it should pop up that he needs the extra care.

Anywho, EVERYTHING got changed... so I spent the better part of today making the new echo appointment (Feb 28) cancelling the old one, making the new eye surgery appointment (March 4) then the eye doctor follow up appointment (cancelling both the old ones), then the new MRI appointment (April 4) then the new neuro follow up appointment (by the way, these are five different offices I had to call and coordinate!), THEN call and make the new weight check appointment with the pediatrician and call for the bloodwork order to be sent over to the lab so we can get his calcium checked! Was that it?..... ummm... wait, there's more! I also planned out his Music Therapy visits, sent those off to the other mom doing it with me and the teacher, THEN try to coordinate new appointments for OT because she has to switch her Thursdays to Saturdays for a few months, AND try to figure out which days I am going to work so I can ask Grandma and Pa to babysit!

Ok... now I'm done!


Every minute counts.... said...

Man, stop it your making my head spin :)

Totally sounds like my days anymore. Where does the time go? Oh, yeah you spend it trying to coordinate all of these schedules...throw in an older kid or two and man does it get fun LOL!


Kathleen said...

I think you need an assistant!

Amy said...

Phew! Sometimes I think coordinating all this stuff is harder than actually doing it.

Katie said...

Wow. Im confused just reading that, and you have to organize it!

Jeannie said...

Hi Kerry, when I read your blogs I suddenly have a very boring life!!
I can't stand to call one doctors office let alone 5. You are such a wonderful mom and an awesome writer.I enjoy your blogs I also go to all on your friends on Brady's list every once in a while to see how their sweet babies are doing also.I love your pictures. I was rooting for your Patriots last night What the heck happened?
Love, Jeannie

Teresa & Shawn said...

And people wonder why mommy-hood is a full time job in and of itself....