Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're goin' to the Superbowl!!!

Michael was MORE than happy to call Lisa's husband Chris tonight and tell him the PATRIOTS were going to the SUPERBOWL! Yahoo!!!!


Julie said...

I think you get that I could really care who goes because I am not a football fan. Well, I made the mistake of telling Lexi that I was going to root for the Patriots since they were doing so good. Wow, did I get blasted. "You are not allowed to be a Steeler fan and root for the Patriots, in fact you are not allowed to live here." Okay I guess I go back to not caring. :)

Nicole said...

Yes, well congrats, I guess... :) I'll try not to be bitter after that dismal performance by our beloved Pack last night. Yes, it is really that cold here in Wisconsin. Ugh, I'll get over the loss, but I think Brian is going to be very crabby all week long.

Lisa R said...


Mrs. P said...

Hi Brady Family

I love your site - It is truly inspirational - I can relate to that fact that I didn't think my life was going to turn out the way it did - I just live with how it is and try to find joy in each day.


Mrs. P.