Monday, August 11, 2008

Here is a great post from Joanne, who happens to be Sawyer's grandmother (Sawyer is in the pictures from Sunday, August 10 post.)

When I heard about this movie, it looked hysterical and I was anxious to see it. I had no idea about the sub context in it. While I have never taken a stance about the word "retard" in my blog before, the points Joanne makes are right on.


Heather said...

Glad you are back! Beautiful picture up top! will comment more later! Busy catching up :) Heather

Tara said...

Hey Kerry!!! I love the picture at the top - beautiful. I'm going to go check out Sawyer's blog.
PS - the book I gave the school was "understanding williams syndrome".

Mrs. P. said...


I am so happy to hear the Brady is doing great!! - I love the picture at the beach (my favorite place). Say hi to Michael for me and give Brady a kiss - I miss you guys!! Hopefully I will see you soon.


Mrs. P>

Joanne said...

Hello Kerry,
Glad you saw the post about "Tropic Thunder" on my blog! I really appreciate that you spread the word about the disturbing contents of this film. Like you, I thought it might be a fun movie to see - now my money will stay in my pocket.

The pictures of Sawyer with your Brady. Your son is so cute! He seems to have jumped on the fast track with his recent skills.

I know you are scared about upcoming surgical procedures. My son, Scott has had two heart caths and a mitral valve replacement. I have to say in all cases, he handled it much better than I did. It is terrifying to have your child wheeled away -looking so small and vunerable.

I will hold you and Brady in my prayers and pray the outcome is good for him! They can do such wonderful things now to make everything shiny and new!!

I will be watching for good news on your blog soon. Hopefully,he can be playing with Sawyer soon!

Joanne (in Tennessee)