Friday, August 22, 2008

The Old Days

This past week I was able to hook up with an old junior high school friend of mine who now lives in Texas. She came up to visit family and we got together with the kids for a walk round her mother's neighborhood.
Michelle's boys, Brett (in the carriage) and Scott (with Michael) are pictures of their parents; Brett looks JUST like my friend and it is a bit eerie, to say the least. Having known Michelle since I was 12 (only two years older than Michael), seeing a little her running around now is quite strange.
It's also amazing how we fall right into the same conversations, as though time has stood still and we are the same people we were when we moved apart all those years ago.

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Lebenland said...

Yeah! We're famous! It was so great to see you and the boys, and of course I agree that it felt just like old times. I'll be home again in November and hope we can do it again!